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Runners to Watch

Returning Varsity Members

Max Enriquez (Junior) - The most experience varsity member of the team, Max has grown in confidence of his racing and running the most in this last year.  The team will need his experience as they travel as a young squad to different courses across the region.

Tobias Fischer (Senior, Capt) - After transferring last year from Peidmount, Toby returns to the team with more experience and more mileage completed over the summer.  His first year at CCA was plagued with shin splints and other overuse injuries, but he has been able to be consistent and is dedicated tot he team.

Griffith Hughes (Senior, Capt) - Senior leader on the team, the boys will need his leadership and guidance to reach their goals.  As he develops his leadership style, the boys team will develop into a stronger and more cohesive unit.

Ethan Lee-Bellows (Junior, Capt) - The only junior captain this year, Ethan looks to the group dynamic as a team tradition that should continue for years to come.  The team will be looking to Ethan to continue his pushing the pace in workouts and practices to help everyone improve.

Trevor Peterson (Senior, Capt) - 4 year athlete among the team, Trevor has seen the past two seasons where the team has been unable to achieve their goals.  Wanting to change this, Trevor been leading the team in a more team oriented approach this year.  With the help of his other captains, Trevor will be a key component in this group dynamic.

Luca Novo (Senior) - While not a returning Varsity member, has been training consistently over the last year and has moved up to the top spot on the team.  His consistency, dedication, and persistence to doing the work and getting the job done will help the team greatly this season.

Other Athletes to Watch

  • William Burke
  • Blake Currier
  • Josh Grozen
  • Ian Llacer Chamberlain
  • Andrew Schulz