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Period 1      SP III   Room #  C-107 

Period 2      SP IV    Room #  C-107 

Period 3      SP IV    Room #  C-107

Period 4       PREP    

About me...


I was born in Madrid, Spain and lived there until I was 7 years old. Then my family moved to Huelva in Andalucia. My teen years were spent in this city of 150,000 where in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. The province is known for fandangos, toros, and jamón serrano, El Rocío, and a national park called Coto de Doñana. I spent my first two years at the University of Huelva and then transferred to the University of Sevilla. There I graduated with a licenciatura (180 credits) in History and Geography with a minor in Anthropology. I received the teacher credential and Masters Degree in Education from Alliant University in San Diego.

In Sevilla I met my husband who spent the year studying in an exchange program. His nickname that year was Chewbacca for his lack of understandable Spanish. I'm happy to say that he's outgrown that name and can pass for Andalucian anytime. I hope to mistake some of you for Spaniards some day...

 As a native of Spain, I am proud to share with you my passion for it. With this passion I wish to communicate my Hispanic culture, shared with that of Mexico and other countries, to our students.    Born in Madrid, I am obviously a Real Madrid soccer fan.  Without a doubt they are the greatest team in the world. I studied at the University of Seville and come from a long line of educators.