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The best way to contact me is through email; this way, classes and students are not disrupted by phone calls.  If you must reach me by phone, please do so  before  8:00 AM or after 3:00 PM.  I teach all morning and then another teacher uses the room in the afternoons.

Contact Information
laura.krogh@sduhsd.net (858) 350-0253  x4142


  • Enrolling students
  • Blackboard:   https://sduhsd.blackboard.com/webapps/login/


    Your username is your last name + first initial + last 4 digits of your permanent ID number + "@my.sduhsd.net". Your password is your district login password.


    CCA  Spanish IV - Krogh SPRING 2016 -  Add this course


    Your child's homework and assignments are posted daily on:   https://sduhsd.blackboard.com/webapps/login/

    Each student has their own individual user name and password.  Please ask your child to share their password in order to access daily homework etc...

    My office Hours:   Tuesdays during lunch 11:12-11:44 am or by appointment in room E102. =)

    I enjoy working with students outside of class and always encourage students to stop by with questions or concerns. Students are welcome to visit during my office hours, or, they can make an appointment to see me another time. In addition to visiting me, students have the World Language Help Center for help everyday of the week.

    Schedule - SPRING 2016

    Period 1 - Spanish IV           8:00 – 9:30  

    Period 2 - Spanish IV           9:38 – 11:12 

    I teach part-time this year because I have a baby and also currently share a classroom with another colleague.  The best way to reach me is via email laura.krogh@sduhsd.net