P.E. Syllabus

Carmel Valley Middle School

Physical Education Department Guidelines


Daily Class Routines


  • All Physical Education classes are conducted under the following format:

1) Students dress responsibly and efficiently in the locker rooms, making sure they properly utilize their lock/lockers appropriately

2) Students report to their assigned roll call numbers on the blacktop for attendance purposes and to verify that the proper PE uniform is being worn.

3) After teacher reviews class business, daily agenda, and expectations, students will embark on a warm-up run of the teacher’s choosing.

4) Students will report back to roll call numbers where daily stretches, strength and conditioning exercises are executed.

5) Students will then transition to cardiovascular training of the teacher’s choosing.

6) Students will transition to area of unit game activity.

7) Students will perform game activities at a moderate to vigorous activity level.

8) Students will assist with equipment clean-up, teacher will culminate class, and students will be dismissed to locker rooms to change.




  • Grading in Physical Education at CVMS is based upon quality and quantity of student participation, along with possible alternative testing measures.  Each day a student has the opportunity to earn points for warm-ups, flexibility exercises, cardiovascular and strength training exercises, sport activities, timeliness, and preparation.
  • An excused absence is treated as a missed opportunity for earned participation points and can be made up during the multiple P.E. make-up opportunities given during P.E. class.  Students will lose the opportunity to earn points for any of the following :
  1. tardies/absences/truancies
  2. not being dressed in standard PE uniform
  3. non-participation or lack of effort in any portion of class
  4. non-compliance with behavior expectations
  5. not following directions and not understanding game concepts
  6. gum chewing
  • Every 4 to 5 weeks, grades will be updated on Aeries.  Please note that grades are not updated on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Grading Scale:

                        A= 90% & above

                        B= 80-89%



                        F= 59.9% & below


Attendance and Class Participation


  • Attendance and meaningful participation in class is mandatory to earn points, which will determine their overall grade in class.  If a student is not in class, they do not earn points for the day, and will need to attend designated make-up sessions to reclaim points.


Excused Absences


  • Physical Education is largely based upon effort and participation.  If your child is absent, they will not be eligible to earn points on that day.  If they clear the absence in a timely fashion through the attendance office, students will be given partial credit, and have the opportunity to earn those points back during PE make-up sessions.


Doctor’s Notes vs. Parent Notes & Student Elect Non-Participation


  • If a student has a doctor’s note releasing them from participation in physical education class, the points that the student would be earning daily will not be factored into their overall grade.  (example: student misses 3 days of PE at 5 points per day, those 15 points will not be factored into their overall point total)
  • If a student misses any assessments during their medical furlough, those assessments must be made up before a final grade can be issued.
  • At any time when a student has a minor injury, an illness, or is simply not attending school for that day, points are not awarded for those portions of class in which the student does not participate.  Parent notes are not needed, as students are capable of explaining their lack of participation.  We are trying to teach our students to be responsible for their own decisions regarding their health and ability to participate. Therefore, at any time, any student can tell their teacher that they do not wish to participate in any or all of the day’s activities, with the understanding that any lost points must be made up before a final grade can be awarded.  If a student does not make up the points for their missed participation, their final grade will reflect this, and may result in a lower grade for the class.


Dress Policy for Medical Excuses


  • Only for medical and/or health reasons should a student not dress for class.  The reason for lack of participation in P.E. needs to be verified by a physician’s note.




  • If a student is marked truant, they lose the entire day’s points.  Points deducted for truancy cannot be made up.




  • Every tardy will result in a detention, and loss of a class point.
  • Detentions may be excused through the attendance office.
  • Students are required to be present at both the 1st and 2nd roll calls.
  • Any student missing for the 2nd roll call will be considered truant.


Uniform Policy


  • CVMS offers a Physical Education course uniform which is always available for purchase at the finance office.
  • All students need to dress for their physical education class in a standard uniform. This standard uniform must be forest green athletic shorts, at least mid-thigh length, without a pocket, and a plain white or gray t-shirt without a pocket.  If circumstances do not permit you to purchase a uniform, please speak to your teacher and a uniform will be provided.
  • Names are to be printed with a permanent marker on both P.E. shorts and shirts. First and last name only.
  • No graffiti or alteration of the uniform is allowed.
  • Each student will wear only his/her own uniform. For health and theft reasons, sharing uniforms is NOT allowed.
  • Hats/visors are allowed only during outside instruction for sun protection.
  • Sunglasses are permitted with a prescription, or with teachers’ approval.
  • Sweatshirts/sweatpants are permitted to be worn over students’ regular PE uniform.
  • For any other clothing questions, please ask the teacher.


Loaner Uniform Policies, Procedures, & Consequences


  • Loaner uniforms can be found by the roll call numbers on the blacktop or in the laundry room located between the locker rooms.
  • Loaners should be returned to the bin marked “Dirty”, outlined in pink duct tape.  Clothes should also be turned right side out to assist with laundering.




  • Students will be issued a lock and a locker if they desire to have one.  It is not mandatory to use a locker or be issued a lock.
  • All locks used in the locker room MUST be school-issued.  These locks are unique in that they have a key option for the teacher to use in case of an emergency. Any non-school-issued locks being used will be cut off and discarded at the student’s expense.  If lost or damaged, locks must be replaced at the school front office at a cost of $6.00.


Locker Room Expectations


  • The locker rooms are to be used only to get dressed in PE uniforms and to prepare for class participation.
  • Locker rooms should not be used for socializing, horseplay, eating/drinking, or any other purpose.
  • Items prohibited in the locker rooms include: aerosol sprays and recording devices of any kind,

Late Starts/Assemblies/Non-Dress Days


  • Late start/Assembly days are generally used for physical education presentations, testing’s, and other related information which are meant to enrich the students educationally.
  • Generally, students do not dress out late start days; however will be notified if they will be required to dress out.
  • Students earn points on these days by being polite, courteous, responsible, and respectful to the speakers, presenters, and other educators, while also following directions.


Assessments (Timed Miles/Superlaps/Strength)


  • On a daily basis, each student is assessed on the following:

                        1) Concept of proper warm-up and cool down

                        2) Cardiovascular exercise effort

                        3) Flexibility execution and knowledge of human anatomy

                        4) Strength training execution and knowledge of proper form

5) Proper execution and understanding of unit game play according to the rules and regulations set forth by each teacher

  • Timed Miles: are performed once a month and is conducted on the track.  After students have established their fastest mile time, they need to be within a specific time range to demonstrate a proper training heart range on each subsequent mile.
  • Superlaps: are performed on single period days (usually Mondays) and is conducted around the Community Center softball field, up the stairs, up the ramp, around the basketball courts, past the locker rooms, then down around the track and back to the roll call numbers.  Students must be within a specific time range of their fastest mile time to receive full credit.


  • Strength: Students will perform strength training exercises including but not limited to push-ups, and sit-ups.




  • H.I.R.E. time has been built into every PE period during the final 15 minutes of class time on Thursdays/Fridays during which students may use the time to work on homework, projects, and other related school work.
  • During this H.I.R.E. time, the PE Department is offering PE make-ups for those students who need to make up points for absences, tardies, & lack of participation.
  • For Zero Period students, PE make-ups will be communicated by your 0 period P.E. teacher.
  • Many of the late start days will be available for P.E. make-up opportunities.


Bonus Points


  • Bonus points/Extra credit points may be awarded at the discretion of the teacher.


Academic Dishonesty


  • Physical Education is held in the same regard as any other class in reference to an Academic Dishonesty violation.  Examples of incidents in the PE realm include but are not limited to:

                                    1) Cutting on mile, superlap, and 5K, any other timed runs

                                    2) False reporting of times on above runs

                                    3) Safety rules in sports games




  • Jog-A-Thon- Students are given 30 minutes to run as many laps (400 yards) around the track as they can.  This year, the Jog-A-Thon will occur during the second week in March.
  • 5 K Run- Students will run a 3.1 mile, designated course around the CVMS campus.  This year, the 5 K Run will occur during the third week in May.