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Hello! Welcome to my webpage.

This is my third year at CCA. I look forward to a fun and successful year together.

Feel free to contact me (information below). Email is the best way to reach me. If you choose to reach me by phone, you are contacting my classroom, so please call during non-school hours or during my prep time. Thank you!

All homework links and files that you need are available on Blackboard. 

Contact Information:
(858) 350-0253 x 4145
Schedule: Fall 2016 Room E105                      Schedule: Spring 2017 Room E105

Period 1 IM1R                                        Period 1 PREP

Period 2 PREP                                       Period 2 IM2/3 ESSENTIALS

Period 3 IM1R                                       Period 3 IM3

Period 4 IM3                                         Period 4 IM3