August 2012

Tuesday, August 28
Single periods
Wednesday, August 29
Single period
 Thursday, August 30
 BW: Welcome & Name Tags

1. Agenda
2.  Review Student Inventory and Technology Survey online, how to complete
3. Two Truths and a Lie

Complete the  Student Inventory and Technology Survey online with your parent by tomorrow, Wed.
BW: Pass out Syllabus/Grading
1. Review Syllabus/Grading and "What is a Science Notebook
2. Website and where to download Unit A.

1. Bring your spiral notebook to use as a Science Notebook to class from home by Thursday.
2. Download & print
Unit A (paper packet or paperless) from class website, bring to school Thursday.
3. Make 2 coversheets for notebook (Semester 1, Life Science, name, teacher, room, period, 2+ colored illustrations.....EXAMPLE) and Unit A (Unit A: Studying People Scientifically, name, 2+ colored illustrations.....EXAMPLE) due 
Thursday to be attached into notebook Thursday (DO NOT GLUE THEM IN!).
BW: Check for Science Notebooks, Unit A (paper packet or paperless), and notebook coversheets (Semester 1 EXAMPLE and Unit A EXAMPLE)

1. Discuss Classroom Rules and Procedures
Pass out bathroom passes & DOGS
3. Review Lab Safety
4. Bingo
5. Seating requests

1. Study for quiz (covers Syllabus/Grading, Classroom Rules and Procedures, and Lab Safety
) on Tuesday, September 4.
2. B
ring all materials to class to be assembled on 
 Tuesday, September 4 into notebook (notebook, coversheets, Unit A Packet, all class documents, stapler, glue-stick).