Box Tops

February is Box Top Month!!
ASB is hosting a box top class competition through 4th period PAW. The class to bring in the most box tops by Feb. 26th wins a Popsicle party!
CVMS will get $0.10 for every box top. It is like FREE money!! 
Our goal is to earn $1500.00 this year
Box tops will benefit CVMS by purchasing Chrome Book Carts.

Box tops are on several different General Mills products such as cereal boxes, Ziploc, Kleenex, Fruit Roll-ups, Huggies, Pillsbury products, Toaster Strudels, Betty Crocker and many others!!

 You probably have at least 3 in your cabinets at home right now.
WOW!  Bobcats we brought in over 12,000 box tops in the month of February!
that means more than $1200.00
Last Year class Winners
 3rd place Dickinson with 1149 box tops
 2nd place is Vermilyea with 1349 box tops 
1st place......Mrs. Honselaar class with 1405 box tops!! 
Way to go bobcats!!
Thank you to everyone for your support!