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Final Sketchbook Cover

Students are to create a cover for their sketchbook assignments they have been working on throughout the semester. They will be using all techniques and mediums we have used in class and create a sense of unity between the mediums and concepts. They will be designing the front, back and both inside covers and then binding their work into the books.


Students are now familiar with clay and are ready to move on to a more advanced project.  We will now be making 2 pinch pots the same size and 

attaching them together to create the body of our banks.  They will then add at least 4 attachments and carve out a money slot.  The banks do not 

have to be pigs and the students have a lot of fun coming up with what they want to create!

We will begin these on block day next week.

Clay Pinch Pots

Students are creating clay pinch pots.  We discussed the importance of getting air bubbles out before starting to create their pinch pot so that it will

 survive the firing process.  If there are air bubbles, when the kiln heats up, the air will expand and most likely blow up their project. 

Students will use their thumb to start their bowl and gently pinch around until all the walls are consistently ¼ of an inch thick.  They will then add at 

least 4 attachments by scoring, slipping and welding them on.  Finally, students will clean up and smooth out project, carve name and period numbe

on the bottom and turn in to dry rack.  Clay is a lot of fun and the students really enjoy working with it!!

Students should be finished with pinch pot and it should be drying on the clay cart.

Paper Mache

We will learn about form and how to create a 3-D work of art.  Students will have their choice of what creature, animal, 

cartoon character, object, etc. they would like to create,  but it should have at least 4 appendages.  Once the armature is 

built we will use the paper mache process to strengthen the form.  Students will be required to layer at least 4 layers of 

paper mache.  They will use tissue paper to add color and detail to their piñata.

Where Students Should Be: Students will need to bring in a picture of the character they want to work from and items to 

build armature such as, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, 2 liter bottles, water or Gatorade bottles cereal

boxes,  etc.  Anything they can think of that may help them construct their form.

Students should be working on the color (finishing layer).

Students should be finished.

 <--Layer 1 <--2  <--3  <--4 (final layer)

Tropical Birds

Now that students are familiar with mixing paint and the color wheel, we will be creating a tropical bird composition.  In

 class we will practice drawing different tropical birds by breaking them down into simple shapes so everyone can feel 

successful with their drawings.  Students will then paint composition using ALL the colors on the color wheel.  Their goal 

will be to paint neatly and be creative with color choices and at least 1 blend of analogous colors.

Where Students Should Be:  Finished.

Color Wheel

We will be learning the basic color wheel (primary, secondary, and tertiary) color schemes.  We will discuss complimentary

(colors directly across from each other on the color wheel) colors, analogous (3 colors next to each other on the color

wheel) colors and monochromatic (shades and tints of one color) color schemes.

Students will create a 12 sectioned color wheel with each section showing the color, the shade and the tint of each  color.

This project is to introduce students to color, mixing paint, and practicing painting neatly.

Where Students Should Be:  students should finished.

Radial Design

Students will be creating a radial design using their first names.  Once they have their name created they will use tracing 

paper to replicate the design in a radial pattern.  We will then use markers to color in the design.  The goal when coloring

is to no longer look at the design as a name and a background but instead to look at the positive and negative shapes all as


Where Students Should Be:  finished.


Students will work together to create a collage with their table members. This is the only group project that I assign throughout the semester. Their goal is to create a story out of ripped/cut magazines. Story can take place where ever their imagination takes them (cityscape, garden, outer space, underwater, snow scene etc). As a group they will come up with the story they want to tell, where it takes place and who the characters are. They will then draw out a few different sketches. After they  are organized they will begin cutting out colors and images in magazines to create their story. They will need to emphasize their 1st names and period # in the color of their table. 

If you have any extra magazines that you are willing to donate, please send them in with your child!! Thank you!

Where Students should be: Students should be finished.

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