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11 April

Spiral #1: ask a buddy for language evoluation notes. HW: first 10 mins of Hip Hop Shakespeare + pp on what you learned 
12 April

Spiral #2: Queen Elizabeth 1. See Mrs. Nelson for a PAW time make up (this takes a while)
DEAR + log #1. Adjective clauses. 

14 April

Spiral #3: Extended metahor + background notes. See Mrs. Nelson for a PAW time make up (this takes a while). Get background notes from a friend. 

 18 April

Shakespeare in the classroom video questions in spiral #4
19 April

Act I,i pre-reading vocab, reading notes, Hermia's choices all in spiral #5
HW: conflict dialogue (on Classroom) due next Thursday
  21 April

Act I,ii malaprops and oxymorons and reading notes in spiral #6. DEAR + log #2.
HW: conflict dialogue (on Classroom) due next Thursday. Lines quiz Act I Monday (study key lines in your reading notes). Modifiers Quiz Tuesday (study adjective clauses, participial phrases, good vs well etc.)
  25 April
Lines quiz Act I. Spiral #7 Moon references. HW: dialogue due Thursday. Review CAASP. Review modifiers. 
  26 April
Modifiers test. DEAR + log #3. Spiral #8 Act II,i opening question, reading notes, comp Q's. HW: dialogue due Thursday. Review CAASP. 
  28 April 

Begin SBAC testing- conflict dialogues due!
 2 May- teacher appreciation week. Thanks, PTSA!

SBAC testing
3 May 

SBAC testing concludes 
 5 May 
Modify This. DEAR + log #4. Spiral #9: Act II,ii opening question, reading notes, comic diamond and FAIRY DRESS UP! Hw: spiral check next Tues, lines quiz Act II on Monday