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Dear parents, If you were unable to attend back to school night presentations for English, here is a Prezi that covers the highlights: https://prezi.com/fgtqn2va_cnw/english-language-arts-77h/

 9/ 1 / 2015 Dear Parents,
In attempt to keep our classroom library fresh for DEAR, I am asking for the following book donations:

I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai  {3 copies}
Breakaway by Alex Morgan  {3 copies}
The Crossover by Kwame Alexander  {3 copies}
Unbroken (The Young Adult Adaptation) by Laura Hillenbrand  {3 copies}
Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin  {2 copies}

I will post fulfillments on this page. Thank you so much! I look forward to reading with my new crop of students.

         Due dates, Dear Logs, Homework etc:

Monday  Tuesday WednesdayThursday  Friday
2 Nov
 Per 1,5: Spiral #4 The Giver chapters 3&4- see Giver webpage for instructions. Do only VOCAB and RWQ a. 
Per 3: Binder Check- see me for make ups. NY Times picture response. Grade graphing. Agenda goals.
Per 1,5: Spiral #4 continued The Giver chapters 3&4- see Giver webpage for instructions. Do QuickWrite and literary conflict paragraph and notes.  HW: Read ch 5 & 6.

Per 3: Time management game. Study space interviews. PAW time. 
  Per 1,5:
DEAR + log #1. Fishbowl Prep- see Giver webpage for instructions.  
 HW: complete fishbowl

Per 3: Homework ritual inventory. Distraction dilemma. PAW time. 
Per 1,5:  Fishbowls due.  HW: Read ch 7 & 8. Spiral #5 vocab and POV question- see Giver webpage for instructions.

Per 3: COmmunity building game. Driven to Distraction text marking. PAW time. 
Per 1,5: DEAR #2. Ceremony of 12 in spiral #6- email Mrs. Nelson if absent. Observational Writing- see Giver webpage for instructions.   HW: typed, MLA formatted Observational Writing essay due Monday.

Per 3: Driven to Distraction summary vs argument. PAW time. 
 16 Nov
Observational Writing Due.
Chapters 9-11 with vocab and comp in spiral #7.

Per 3: Binder Check- see me for make ups. NY Times picture response. Grade graphing. Agenda goals.
17 Nov
Complete RWQ's ch 9-11 in spiral #7. HW: spiral check next time

Per 3: Multiple Intelligences lecture. Prep science binders for Clum's class. 
 19 Nov
DEAR #2. Spiral check! Pass back graded work.
HW: optional rewrites due after break. Follow R guidelines.

Per 3: Multiple Intelligence inventory and brochure. Prep science binders for Clum's class.

 Language Arts 7H Syllabus / Mrs. Nelson
Honors Language Arts is designed for students who perform at the advanced level on California Content Standards in English and seek challenges in text and composition.


Office Hours:   I am on campus before school and during PAW on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for content help, make up work etc. Please write down and honor your appointment time.  


Email:   paulina.nelson@sduhsd.net
*You may use email for questions about your work or grade. 
*The night before an assignment is due is not the most appropriate time to email major questions
*You may submit work via email if absent and/ or if your printer is broken.


Making Up Absences:  Students have the # of days they are absent to submit missing work/ make up a test or the score is a 0. Follow the CAT:
Check the calendar and unit pages on my website and do posted or linked work first. https://sites.google.com/a/sduhsd.net/mrs-nelson-cvms/
Ask two study buddies to fill in notes/ details you missed. 
Then see me to schedule make ups or to clarify work.


Late Work:  Late work is not accepted; however, students are allowed one Days of Grace note (DOG) per semester. Students may use the DOG to turn in one assignment for up to full credit up to a week late. Does not apply to presentations or group projects.


Behavior:  Students should respect themselves, others and the environment. First offense = verbal warning. Second offense= name on board/ student must write acknowledgement & apology letter. Failure to submit AckAp letter, or further offenses, result in detention.

Technology:  Devices are allowed foracademic use at the teacher’s discretion.

Content and Supplies

Course Content:  Short Stories (textbook); Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Lowry’s The Giver; Orwell’s Animal Farm;  Steinbeck’s The Pearl; non-fiction; research and book reports; oral presentations; vocabulary development and grammar


Books: The school provides copies of all content-related text, and in most cases, I post text on my website (even full novels) for students to use at home. I have DEAR books to loan, but they must remain in the classroom.


English Supplies (not to be shared with other subjects):

-Grammar divider: all grammar notes and practice

-Vocab divider: all vocabulary notes and practice

-Writing divider: handouts, drafts, passed back essays 
-D.E.A.R. divider: sentence starter bookmark + log sheet OR current independent reading project + guidelines
-V.I.P divider: syllabus, completed homework, etc.

-Spiral notebook: holds ongoing class and homework that are checked regularly for credit (point values will vary). Only work labeled with a spiral # goes in this notebook.

-Independent read: a novel of your choice for free reading

-Class novel: book checked out to you in class


Writing:  Each major essay (and some paragraphs) carry a rewrite opportunity; students must follow the REWRITE guidelines in order to qualify for a new grade. 
-Argumentative (persuasive) essays and paragraphs 
-Exploratory (analysis) essays and paragraphs
-Informational writing



GRADES:    90-100% A   80-89.9% B     70-79.9% C      60-69.9% D      59.9% and below F     
Grades are posted on Aeries via the portal. Grades are categorized and weighted. No rounding up. Minimal extra credit will be available. Optional rewrites are available on all major essays (1 per essay). No retakes on tests or quizzes.  

CHEATING: Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. See CVMS policy for consequences. Submitting identical answers while calling it “working together” and asking others “what’d you get?” instead of sharing is considered cheating.