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         Due dates, Dear Logs, Homework etc:

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9 May 

Video & quiz Act II
10 May 

Spiral check. DEAR + log #5 (logs due). Spiral #1: Act III, i:  reading notes, Pyramus and Thisbe

12 May 

Brief grammar. 
Spiral #2: Act III, ii:  reading notes, comic diamond

16 May 

Video & quiz Act III
17 May 

DEAR + log #1. Character comparison project- due next class. 

19 May 

DEAR + log #2. Character comparison project due.  Spiral #3: Act IV notes.

Hw: Bottom's Dream
  23 May - late start

Bottom's Dream performances.

HW: study guide
24 May 

DEAR + log #3. Spiral #4: Act V reading chart. Comic diamond. 

HW: test next class

26 May 

DEAR + log #4.

Ye Olde Test

HW: spiral #5 The Chemistry of Love questions (see Shakespeare page)

30 May- Holiday 31 May 

Spiral #6: Crazy, Stupid Love analysis begins. Complete part 2 (re-evaluation) for homework if need be.

2 June 

DEAR + log #5. Turn in final logs packet.

Class AMSND essay.

HW: spiral check next class (checklist is posted)
 7 June

Spiral check- final.

Sonnets activities. 
8 June 

9 June 

Famous Last Words.

Pass back essays. 
10 June 

Period 1 8:30-9:30.