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 19 Dec

Capitalization rules.

Spiral #7: AF Background history notes. If absent, you can use the prezi posted on the AF page, but you will need to get the "Mrs. Nelson says" side from a classmate. 

HW: review notes for Thursday's test. Rewrites due Thurs or Fri. If absent, you may take the test Friday.

Extra Credit Opportunities:

1. Dr. Zhivago film connection (info sent to parents)

2. The Elephant 
 21 Dec 

Possessive nous.

DEAR + log #3.

Background history test. 

Rewrites due! I will also accept them tomorrow if you need extra help from me today. 

If you are absent today, you may take your test tomorrow.
 22 Dec

Holiday send off
 8 Jan

Read AF chapter 2. Book is on the AF page.
  9 Jan

Pronoun- Antecedent Agreement.

Close Reading AF chapter 2 in spiral #8. Get corrections from a friend.

HW: Read AF chapter 7. Book is on the AF page.
11 Jan

Pronoun- Antecedent w/ conjunctions Agreement.To practice some of the grammar, you can use the online book on my grammar page. Go to exercise pg 123 #7, 8 and pg 125 # 12,15,21-23. These are found by jumping to the 130's of the PDF.

                         DEAR + log #3.

Close Reading AF chapter 7 in spiral #9. Get corrections from a friend.

HW: Read assigned AF chapter (email your group or me to find out your chapter). Book is on the AF page.
 MLK Jr HOLIDAY16 Jan    135 

 18 Jan     246 

 22 Jan   Late Start

AF novel final