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We are in the home stretch with our Shakespeare unit!

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 23 April

Rewrites Due!

Spiral #8:  Extended Metaphor. See Mrs. Nelson for make ups.  

HW: Hip Hop Shakespeare Homework
 *An additional link to the TED talk is on my Shakespeare page in the pre-reading section

24 April

Period 5 - author visit
Period 3- conjunctions out! 

Spiral #9: I,i
summary with vocab, during reading notes, Hermia's options quotes

Dress Up- Living Pictures!

HW: spiral check next class
 26 April 

Period 5 - conjunctions out! + punny punctuation
Period 3-  punny punctuation + free dear

Spiral check!

Spiral #1: I,ii
preview & during reading notes

HW: review last 2 spirals for Monday's quiz. Know plot, who said what, what the lines mean.
30 April - Late Start

Video of Act I

Quiz Act I
 1 May

SBAC TESTING- no English work during the rest of this week
 3 May 

7 May

Moon references in spiral #2
14 May

Video of Act II

Quiz Act II

intro metaphor project?