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 6 Mar

Spiral #7: Memories Good 'n Bad. See Giver Page for details. 
HW: read 12-13 & do vocab in spiral #8.
7 Mar- sub day

Review prepositions. Spiral #8 continued: quickwrite & RWQ's for ch 12-13. See Giver Page for details. 
HW: read 14 & do vocab and RWQs in spiral #9. 
  9 Mar

Surprise- Intrepid Shakespeare company performance!
 Read chapter 15- The Giver. Spiral #10: Style Analysis for ch 15. See Giver Page for details. 
HW: read 16-18. Spiral check Monday. 
 * Spring Forward clocks this weekend!
13 Mar - LS

Spiral check. Pass back work. HW: RWQ's ch 16-18 in spiral #1
14 Mar 

Grammas under tables. Civil Disobedience lesson. CEE argumentative paragraph (timed write)- see Mrs. Nelson for make ups. 
HW: read ch 19-20
16 Mar
Misplaced Phrases deux- see me Monday at PAW to review.  DEAR + log #1. Chapter 19-20 discussion groups. Spiral #2: Chapter 19-20 language and RWQs. See Giver page for the work. HW: read through end of book. Begin reviewing for prepositions test
20 Mar 
Newberry Award Speech. Begin spiral #3: 4 endings debate. See Giver page. HW: review prepositions for test. 
21 Mar
Prepositions Test. spiral #3 continued. 4 endings tag team debate. Lois Lowry speaks. HW: The Giver narrative test next class. The Giver book test Monday.

23 Mar
Participial Phrases intro. Digital Citizenship lessons. The Giver narrative test. HW: The Giver book test Monday. Review spirals and vocab.
27 Mar  
The Giver test, part 2. 
28 Mar  
Intro Argumentative writing. Email Mrs. Nelson for a packet.
  30 Mar 
Adjective Clauses- pg 89 of the PDF book, exercise 79. DEAR + log #2. Begin essay. ** See Giver page for revised prompt. Use the outline sheet you were given to construct essay. **Due next Thursday, with Mon & Tues workshops. HW: complete intro and body 1