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Dear Parents, please see the attached letter from the English Department regarding your child's placement in English Honors: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j5w67AwFrYRpWPHKomfyRi6aNvEcZyNk3_TsuI_Amxg/edit?usp=sharing  Samples of A papers for each writing are located at the very bottom of my writing page.

 Due dates, Dear Logs, Homework etc:

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10 Oct-  

Spiral #7 continued: watch Scholastic's "The Wizard." Apply theme rules to write a proper theme statement for the video.  Chopping block.
11 Oct-  

Clauses, S, CD, CX- grammar.

Spiral #8: "The Highwayman." See the short stories pages for a link to this work and follow it in order.
  13 Oct-  

S, CD, CX- grammar.

DEAR + log #5- LOGS DUE!
Spiral #9: "Song of the Trees." See the short stories pages for a link to this work and follow it in order. You will need to come in to use the book for the Great Depression lead-in. Begin reading the novella. Answer questions A, B and 9-11.

HW: Complete reading the story and answering the questions. Check out the spiral checklist page prior to next Tuesday's due date.
17 Oct-  

 "Song of the Trees" timed essay. 
18 Oct- 

1st Spiral CHECK. See spiral checklist.
 20 Oct-
Sentence structures review. 
DEAR passback + log #1.
Spiral #1: The Pearl background notes- see a buddy & The Pearl webpage. Pass back of timed essays and reading of class report.
 24 Oct- LS schedule
Connotation in spiral #2. See me for make ups.
HW: King Midas HW in spiral #2
 25 Oct-
Sentence structures review. 
Spiral #3: The Pearl chapter 1 reading notes- see a buddy & The Pearl webpage.
  27 Oct-
Sentences Test. 
DEAR + log #2. 
Spiral #3 continued: The Pearl RWQ's chapter 1. See Pearl page.