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 28 Nov

Read ch 6 of The Pearl.
29 Nov

Subject-Verb agreement soup.
 Rwq's ch 6 of 
The Pearl in spiral #7.
Pass back timed write / student  writing groups.
 1 Dec

Literary Analysis Essay day 1 (see packet on Pearl page links). Work through page 1. HW: complete body 1
 5 Dec

Literary Analysis Essay day 2: body pp & intro chopping block.
HW: work on body 2 
 6 Dec
Stop the bus: nouns. 
Literary Analysis Essay day 3: body pp chopping blocks. Work on body 3 & conclusion. 
HW: final draft due next class. Spiral check next class.
 8 Dec
Word expansion exercise. 
Literary Analysis Essay DUE. Spiral CHECK. DEAR + log #1.