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27 Jan

Per 1,5: Conflict notes and CEE in spiral #1. HW: read chapter 3

Per 3: binder reconstruction
28 Jan

Per 1,5: Pronouns vs contractions. DEAR + log #5- DUE! Group RWQs chapter 3. 

Per 3: Socratic Seminar Prep: Helicopter Parents.

1 Feb

Per 1,5: Geometric characterization in spiral #2. HW: read chapter 4

Per 3: binder check. NY Times writing.
2 Feb

Per 1,5: Pronoun review. Intro to argumentative writing.

Per 3: Socratic Seminar #1.

4 Feb

Per 1,5: Pronoun review. Argumentative essay outline due Tuesday.

Per 3: Socratic Seminar prep #2.
 *Monday is a 2-4-6 day!