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17 Apr

Spiral #5: AMSND background notes. HW: mods test tomorrow

18 Apr

Modifiers Test.
Spiral #6: Queen Elizabeth I non-fiction sticky notes. See Mrs. Nelson for everything if you are absent today. Make ups will take a while. 

20 Apr

Modify This!
Intro to extended metaphor in spiral #7. See me if absent. HW: watch first 10 mins of TED Hip Hop Shakespeare. Write a pp in spiral #7 showing what you've learned about language.  

24 Apr

Rewrites due. Spiral #8: AMSND ActI,i. Vocabulary, reading notes, Hermia's Options Chart HW: complete the chart
25 Apr

The conjunction. Living Pictures- conflict dress up. Spiral #9: AMSND ActI,ii. Malaprops, oxymorons, reading notes.   HW: spiral check next class

27 Apr- Sub Day. Mrs. Nelson at English meeting on campus.

Spiral Check. Spiral #1: Moon References. Free reading.  HW: study spirals 8 & 9 for Act I quiz next class