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Parents, If you missed Back to School Night, here is a link to my English presentation. I made a few tweaks, so let me know if you have any questions. It was such a pleasure to be in the company of such supportive parents.

 Due dates, Dear Logs, Homework etc:

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Labor Day Holiday5 Sept

Illuminate 6th grade standards test and CVMS CFA writing assessment. 
HW: binder check next class

7 Sept

Intro to punctuation. DEAR book "speed dating" and group formation. Binder check.
HW: NAME trees due Monday. Computer paper is fine. Name on trunk & info on branches. Color and background required. Recall the examples shown in class.

Spiral #1: "After 20 Years". Collect name trees.

Punctuation notes handout & a few dots practice.
Spiral #1 continued: irony defined. "Here Comes the Cat" video with notes. Timed mini essay explaining the irony in the video.


Comma Clinic.
DEAR + log #1.
Spiral #2: Plot & Basic Element Notes. See short story page for details. 

HW: comma practice due Tuesday. There is a typo on #2. It should say "comma before because." Print and cut the "Princess and the Bowling Ball" strips & paste them in to spiral #2, in the correct order, and label each strip with the correct plot point.

2-4-6 day-- flipped week-- no single periods this week19

Dashes & hyphens. Spiral #3: Point of View (notes and practice). See Mrs. Nelson for make ups if absent.

HW: review plot and p.o.v. notes for quiz next class

Back to School Night for Parents

Punctuation review. 
DEAR + log #2.
Plot & POV quiz.
Group Hero Story.

HW: begin reviewing all punctuation uses for Tuesday's quiz

No School

Spiral #4 "Mother and Daughter"
Notes on characterization methods. Read story and quote an example of Mrs. Moreno for each method.
HW: continue studying for punctuation quiz. Spiral #4 continued: Write a CEE paragraph on the identifying and supporting the POV of "Mother and Daughter." Find the story on my Short Stories tab; you will need quoted evidence in your paragraph.

Punctuation Quiz!