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 Due dates, Dear Logs, Homework etc:

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6 Feb
Project workday.

7 Feb
End of Pronouns. Review AF tests & pass back papers. Present propaganda projects. 

9 Feb
Adjectives vs Adverbs. DEAR + log #2. The Giver survey in spiral #1. See Give page if you are absent. HW: Own Utopia project, due 21 Feb. Grammar PDF pg 186 (exercise 182 good/well) due Tues the 14th.

14 Feb
Grammar homework due. Review adj & adv. The Giver chapters 1-2, plus vocabulary and RWQ's in spiral #2. If you are absent, read the chapters and do the work using the Giver page of my website. 

16 Feb
Begin modifiers. DEAR + log #3. The Giver chapters 1-2 quickwrite, (add to spiral #2). Color panels. HW: read chapters 3 &4 using the online link. Do vocabulary in spiral #3.
21 Feb

Intro to Prepositions- Make ups Thursday at lunch. Complete spiral #3- see Giver page. You will have missed some good discussion today :(  Utopias due! HW: read chapters 5-6

23 Feb

Make ups today at lunch. Intro to Prep phrases. DEAR + log #4. Arranged Marriage Fishbowl Prep- see Giver page and attachments.  HW: complete Fishbowl prep for Tuesday. Read chapters 7-8. Do vocab & POV Q in spiral #4.

 27 Feb- LS

Ceremony of 12 in spiral #5. Observational writing strategies. HW: complete Fishbowl- due Tues. Observational writing due Thursday. 
28 Feb 

Prepositional Phrases. FISHBOWL Debate today- prep materials due! HW: observational writing due next class
  2 March
Observational writing due!