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 Due dates, Dear Logs, Homework etc:

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9 Jan

AF background history test.

HW: read AF chapter 2 using online link (yes, chapter 2)

10 Jan

Plural & Possessive Nouns practice. AF Close reading chapter 2 in spiral #4. See AF page for details. 

HW: read AF chapter 7 using online link (yes, chapter 7)

12 Jan

Pronouns & Antecedents practice. AF Close reading chapter 7 in spiral #5. See AF page for details. DEAR + log #4.

HW: read AF assigned chapter  using online link 

16 Jan

Holiday! MLK Jr. Day!

17 Jan

Pronouns & Antecedents practice. AF assigned chapter group project. Keep notes in spiral #6. If you are absent, please do assigned chapter work! Connect with your group to help prepare the group presentation.

HW: presentation of chapter due via prezi or google slides next class. Send me the link before Thursday's class so that I can test & post it.

19 Jan

 AF assigned chapter group presentations. Notes on all chapters in spiral #7 (vocab, chapter highlights, chapter main events). If you are absent, please check the projects page, review the presentations, and create your spiral. 

HW: review chapter notes for AF test
23 Jan

AF post test.

HW: grammar PDF pg 131 (exercise 121 Pronouns) Part B only. Due next class. 

24 Jan 

Propaganda notes in spiral #8. Grammar homework due.

HW: commercials practice (add to #8)
26 Jan- end of semester

Dr. Zhivago extra credit, signed-by-parents pps due. DEAR + log #5- logs due! BP Oil Campaign in spiral #9. 
30 Jan- Inservice
31 Jan- Inservice


Propaganda in marketing review. Assign group marketing essay.

2 Feb 1-3-5 Block 

Group marketing essay due via google docs at the end of this period.