English CP Class Information

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Welcome to English CP!  I am looking forward to a fantastic year with each of you.  I want all of my students to be successful and have a positive experience in my class.  Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the information on this page, as well as on this website.

In this class, you will be mastering the Common Core Standards.  You will be reading a variety of both fiction and nonfiction.   We will learn to think, write, and speak deeply and critically about what we read.  You will also be writing the following: literary analysis, argumentative essays, narratives, informational essays, and more! Finally,  you will work collaboratively throughout the year and become a better speaker and listener.  

What You Need for Class:

1) Writing implements-both pens and pencils

2) Spiral notebook (this will be used for notes and other activities)

3) A reading book (you may use a tablet or Kindle, etc.-no phones). You are expected to have this every day!

4) A positive attitude

What You Might Want for Class:

1) Colored pencils and markers

2) Glue stick

3) School scissors

4) Laptop or tablet

5) Earbuds and a mouse

Cell Phone Policy- Phones are to remain on silent or turned off and kept in your backpack.  They are not to be taken out during break or class time.  If you have an emergency and need to use your phone, let me know, and I will let you step outside.  On RARE occasions, I may allow you to use your phone for certain activities.  I will let you know when this is the case.

If you are on your phone during class without permission:

First offense-I will keep your phone until the end of class.

Second offense- I will give your phone to the assistant principal, and a parent will be required to pick it up.

Late Work-Except for excused absences, I do not accept late homework assignments or rough drafts of essays. I DO accept major writing assignments (final drafts), as well as major projects late. However, you will lose a letter grade for each day the assignment is late. For example, if the assignment was due Tuesday and you turned it in on Thursday, the highest grade you could earn would be a C. If something was due on a Monday and you didn't turn it in until the following Monday, the highest score you could earn would be a 50%. Any essays or projects turned in more than one week late, will receive 25% and no feedback from me.   As you can see, it is definitely worthwhile to get your work in on time. Obviously, if there is a special circumstance, please let me know. There are, of course, exceptions! Also, if you know that getting something turned in on time is going to be an issue ahead of time, talk to me beforehand. Do not wait! I am a pretty understanding person, so don't be afraid! Communication is key!

Homework-Homework often requires you to finish something you didn't finish in class.  Some students work faster than others, so they will not have as much homework.  Use your CAT time wisely, and this will help!

Tests and Quizzes-Throughout the year you will be taking quizzes and tests on grammar, literary terms, and other material learned in class.  If you are absent, you have one week to make up the test or quiz.  I am available before zero period, at lunch, or at CAT for students to make-up tests and quizzes.  However, it is your responsibility to make these arrangements.  If the quiz or test is not completed within a week, you will receive a zero.  Most quizzes will be worth ten points.

Absences Due to Illness-If you are absent due to illness, please do NOT contact me to ask what you missed. Instead, wait until you return (after all, you stayed home because you were sick). If you really feel you must do work, contact a friend in class to find out what you missed. You can also check my blog. However, keep in mind that you missed whatever instructions and information were given in class, so what you see on my blog may not make a lot of sense. Also, due dates and information given in class supersedes what is on my website.  PLEASE double check with a study buddy.  Again, do NOT contact me for missed homework. Keep in mind that I will not hunt you down to remind you of work you missed. That is your responsibility. :)

Absences Due to Trips/Personal Situations-I understand that you may need to miss school for a variety of reasons.  However, please do not ask me to provide work ahead of time. Instead, check my blog (see above) or wait until you come back. When you return, you will want to get missed notes from a classmate and handouts and assignments from me. Please see me at lunch, before school, or at CAT to do so. Do NOT ask me during class time. You may still receive full credit on work you make up, as long as it is completed within a week of your return.  Please know that this is a courtesy to you if you are out for a trip because that is not considered an excused absence.

Grades-The majority of your grade will come from writing assignments, projects, and other assessments. A small part of your grade will be based on quizzes and other short assignments. Major essays are typically worth 50 points, while a two-chunk paragraph is worth 25 points. I post grades on Aeries. I do my best to keep them updated and to grade your work quickly. Please let me know if you see an error. It happens. Do NOT panic! Also, please note that if you didn't put your name on an assignment it will show as a zero until you find your paper and put your name on it. If you were absent when something was turned in, it may also show as incomplete (red box). Just turn it in when you return, and I will update your grade. Please know that I usually give several days notice before a writing assignment is due to turnitin.com.  If you were in class when I assigned it, it is STILL due to turnitin.com by the due date even if you are absent that day.

Grading Scale





59% and below-F

I do round up.  For example, if a student has an 89.5%, the student would receive an A-.  I do not give A+s.

Plagiarism/Cheating-Using turnitin.com eliminates most issues with plagiarism.  However, if you plagiarize written work, it will result in a zero on the assignment, as well as a referral to the assistant principal. Plagiarism is not just "copying" an assignment, it is not citing sources properly (which we will learn how to do in class). You are expected to be silent during quizzes or tests.  Any communication with another student will result in a zero, as well as a referral to the assistant principal. Anyone caught "looking up" answers or cheating in any way will receive a zero and a referral.Please refer to our Academic Honesty Policy if you have questions.  

Writing Assignments-Writing is a key component of this class. Not all work that you do will be graded. Some will be credit/no credit.  However, almost all major projects and writing assignments that WILL be graded will be submitted digitally to turnitin.com. You will need an email (user name) to establish your account. You are responsible for knowing your password and user name. Please do not ask me over email for your password; I don't know what it is! Make sure that when you submit your paper that you receive a digital receipt. If you do not receive one, your paper was NOT submitted to me. Papers that are submitted late (even one minute) are considered late. Do NOT wait until 9:59 PM to submit a paper due at 10:00 PM.

Class Guidelines

1) Be kind and respectful. We will discuss what this means in class.

2) Follow school rules.

If you Break a Rule:

1) I will chat with you privately. I may also move your seat depending on the issue. This seems to solve the issue 99% of the time!

2) I will have you fill out a student reflection and you will get it signed by a parent.

3) I will contact your parents and assign a logical consequence.

4) Referral to assistant principal.