Mrs. Clark's English

Welcome to a wonderful year of fun, learning, and success!  This is going to be an excellent year!

The students will utilize a writing journal throughout the year.  This journal will need to be separate from a notebook for other assignment. 

Technology will be used often both in and out of class.  Students would benefit from bringing their own technology but can share with others if necessary.

A major focus of class this year will be training you to be autonomous learners in preparation for high school.  Therefore, the Three Before Me policy will be implemented.  Before asking Mrs. Clark questions about absent work or assignments, please do the following:
     1.  Check the website
     2.  Check with a classmate
     3.  Confirm with a second classmate  
If you still have questions and have completed these three steps, please either email Mrs. Clark ( or go to her classroom during Help Time.
Mrs. Clark teaches periods 4, 5, 6 only.  Help Time is available during the following:
     *  Mondays - PAW
     *  Tuesdays - PAW and lunch
     *  Wednesday - PAW
     *  Thursday - lunch
     *  By appointment via

To prevent ant infestation, neither food nor beverages are allowed in the classroom.  Water is allowed.