Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Diegueno English! Our areas of study this year will include reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. In order to experience the most successful school year possible, I would like to let you know about my expectations and goals for our class.
Basis for Grades
  • Homework
  • Classwork
  • Tests
  • Quizzes

How to Succeed in My Class

  • Use your agenda to keep track of work and due dates. Parents, it would be great if you would check the agenda along with the completed work. Students, come in after school for extra help!
  • Check Agenda Log and complete absent work as soon as possible; within one week of the absence is best. Please check with me about long-term absences, any make-up quizzes, and tests. I accept late work for ½ credit.  
  • Students, if you have a question about your grade or missing work, please ask me during class time.
  • Enjoy your reading book at least 30 minutes every day—you’ll get smarter!
  • Students and parents, please check assigned work and grades on my Diegueno Aeries Portal on a regular basis. I will only update grades a few times a month, so please be patient when watching for additions.  Be sure_to click on the [+] sign by the assignment number, under Description, for additional information about the assignment
  • Expect homework two to three times per week. I usually try to provide class time to get started on homework, so please use this time wisely! Of course I allow more time for longer items, so please plan ahead. 
  • Be healthy! Eat fruits and vegetables! Drink water! Get enough sleep and eat well--especially breakfast.
Grading Scale
  • A = 90-100% and higher
  • B = 80-89.9%
  • C= 70-79.9%
  • D = 60-69.9%
  • F = Less than 60%

Suggested Supplies

  • Three ring binder with an English section
  • College ruled binder paper-LOTS!
  • At least two sharpened pencils and at least two navy blue or black pens
  • School planner
  • A reading book must be available at all times!

Cougar Code of Conduct
  • Be prepared
  • Be respectful
  • Be honest
  • Be responsible
  • Be attentive
Academic Honesty Policy