Mr. Voigt at Diegueno Middle School

About Mr. Voigt:
Our natural world has always inspired me.  From the physiologic processes that support life, to the mechanics that enable movement, I am passionate about exploring scientific phenomena that effect our everyday lives.  My interests and background in science, coupled with my desire to contribute to our community, drew me to teach.  I look forward to embarking on this wonderful learning adventure together!

I am an enthusiastic 38 years old, just enough time to have acquired the academic skills and life experiences to effectively relate in the classroom.  Serving in the military, the academics of college, working in the trades, being a youth organizer, coaching high school cross-country, and beginning a family all have given me a well rounded, positive outlook on life, an attitude I put to use every time I enter the classroom.

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Contact Information:
Phone:  (760)944-1892 Ext. 6655
E-Mail: (best method to reach me)
Office Hours:  Room D5, 4th Period