Welcome to World History. It promises to be an exciting year and I am looking forward to having you in class :)

How can I contact the teacher?

E-mail: Phone: 858-481-8221 ext. 4712

What are the teacher's expectations for you?

Be respectful. Be prepared. Participate. Keep your area clean.

What is the classroom rule?

Be respectful of others, the classroom, and learning materials.

What happens if I break the rule?

First time: Warning

Second time: “My Action Plan” sheet will be filled out and stay after class to discuss

Third time: Parent Contact and ½ hour school detention

Fourth time: Referral to Assistant Principal


* In a severe disruption of class, a student will immediately be sent to the office and a referral written

* Academic honesty is required and expected. Students caught cheating will be dealt with according to school policy.

What materials are recommended that I bring to class each day?

1. A spiral bound notebook with pocket holders or a digital tablet  

2. Something to write with

3. A book, magazine, or device with material that you want to read

*Please let me know before class if this is an issue, so help can be provided

How is my grade calculated?

There is no curve (EVERYONE has the opportunity to earn an A)

Tests (40%), Projects & Essays (30%), Class and Homework (30%):

A+ 98% or higher, A 97.9-93%, A- 92.9-90%

B+ 89.9-88%, B 87.9-83%, B- 82.9-80%

C+ 79.9-78%, C 77.9-73%, C- 72.9-70%  

D 69.9-60%

F 59.9% and below  

Where can I see my current grade?

Check the Aeries Grade Portal or ask the teacher for a progress report before or after class. Progress Reports and Report Cards will be delivered electronically via the parent portal.

How can I review what we learned in class to do better?

Class notes and videos can be found on the monthly Homework webpages on the class website.

Where can I find homework assignments posted?

Assignments are posted on the Homework webpages on the class website, projected at the start of class, and written on the whiteboard in the classroom.

Can I turn in an assignment late?

Once a unit has passed, no late will be accepted.

Any work turned in after it is collected in class, without an excused absence, will receive zero credit unless a late assignment pass is used.

Each student will be given 3 late assignment passes per semester. One pass will count as full credit and the other two passes will count as half credit.

What if I am absent?

You have one week to turn in missed assignments without penalty.

Class notes and videos can be found on the Homework webpage on the class website.

Tests that are not made up by the end of the semester will receive zero credit.

*It is your responsibility to schedule a makeup test date and time!

My Pledge:

I enjoy teaching and getting to know my students. I will treat you like mature, responsible people who can all succeed. I will make every effort to make this learning experience enjoyable and interesting for you. 
I expect you to be actively involved too. If you are having problems, please come see me before school in Room 212 starting at 8:00 a.m.

This will be one of your BEST classes!

Mr. Starr

Please fill out the linked Google form to let me know you have read and agree to the above policies.