HP December

November 30th

Block A:
Dec. 1-2
Block B:
Dec. 3-4
Counselors in Learning Center: High School and Beyond

Do your Frayer Boxes for  “graph” means write (dysgraphic, demographic); “gress” means step (progression, digression)this week. 

Chrome Book Cart to do Virtual Field Trip (graded)
  • Virtual Field Trip to these two sites:

Complete the handout given in class.

Reading "The Diary of Anne Frank" Act I
Scenes 1-2-3
pp. 217-243 

1. Read the Article of the Week and write a one paragraph statement of your opinion.

2. Record vocabulary (see pages 212-213)
3. Read pp. 212-243
4. Do Questions 1-10 on 243

Single Period Day 
Dec. 7
Block A:
Dec. 8-9
D/F Notification
December 8 is Assembly Block Day
Block B:
Dec. 10-11

Reading "The Diary of Anne Frank" Act 1
Scenes 4-5
pp. 244-257

Read the Article of the Week. Evaluate its rebuttal to last week's Article of the Week. What do you think? Does it convince you to disregard Ishaan Tharoor's point in last week's AOW? How? or Why not?
Write a one paragraph evaluation. Think critically and voice your opinion. 
Google Classroom Post
p. 243 1-10
Frayer Boxes for Roots

Do your Frayer Boxes for this week. 
“mal” means bad (malady, malodorous, malicious); “prot/proto” from the Greek meaning first in line or first in time (protocol, protoplasm, prototype)

pp. 259-266
Act II Scene 1

Group Assignment: Read some of the actual diary of Anne Frank. Find entries
you think should have been included in the play to show characterization or tell a part of the story left out. Write a short two minute skit of that scene with your group to present in reader's theater next week. 

Turn in homework. 
No red ink assignment on FANBOYS
Finish Reading the play. 
Dec. 14-15
Block A
December 14 = 2/4/5
December 15 = 1/3/5
Dec. 16-17
Block B
Dec. 18
Minimum Day

Homework: Read "A Tragedy Revealed" in your textbook. pp. 295-309.  List ten interesting facts using complete sentences. 
 The Missing Scene Group Project

mar” from the Latin word mare meaning sea (mariner, marina, maritime);        “Matr/metr” from the Greek and Latin words for mother (matrimony, maternity)

Scenes Performed
Single Period Day 
Dec. 21
Block A:
Dec. 22-23
Block B:

Winter Break

Winter Break

Winter Break
Single Period Day
Dec. 31
Block A: Block B:
Winter Break

Winter Break

Winter Break