Single Period Day
August 31
Block A:
Sept. 1-2
Block B:
Sept. 3-4

Vocabulary Development: Roots
“pac/peas” from Latin words meaning agree and peace (pacifist, appease); “crim” from Latin for fault/crime/accusation (criminology, incriminate);
Reading Article of the Week and annotating
Textbooks Checked Out.
Practice vocabulary for "Rains" on Quizlet

Frayer Boxes on Roots words: pacifist, appease, criminology, incriminate. 

Read "There Will Come Soft Rains" p. 167

Identify examples of personification, simile/metaphor, and allusion.

Homework: Article of the Week and practice vocabulary on Quizlet. 

Article of the Week Discussion Topic

Groups complete discussion questions on "Rains" 

Selection Test on "There Will Come Soft Rains" (vocabulary included)

Single Period Day
Sept. 7
Block A:
Sept. 8-9
Block B:
Sept. 10-11

 Vocabulary: porter, facades, congenial, rapacious, tantalizing, emanate  QUIZLET LINK

Roots: “anim” from Latin anima meaning breath or soul/mind or spirit (animated, magnanimity); “ambu” means to walk or go around (ambulatory, perambulate)

Reading "The Landlady"
pp. 62-69
Identify: Plot elements, protagonist/antagonist, external vs internal conflict

Write a new ending for the story (narrative writing). Share in table groups.

Complete Analysis Sheet for "The Landlady"

Homework: Study Vocabulary on Quizlet ; Article of the Week on Google Classroom (1 post of 100 or less in response to the contents of the article). 

Complete analysis chart of "The Landlady"

In class: page 70 1-9 + writing
 Literary Terms review 


September 14
Block A
September 15-16
Block B
September 17-18

 In class: Analysis Sheet for "Broken Chain" /Grammar: Sentences Ch. 1

Homework:  CATE Creative Writing Contest Entry Due Sept. 25-26.

Document Link HERE

Sept 15 = Assembly schedule
In class: 
Grammar Ch. 1 Review
Text Structures Review Activity
"Broken Chain" Analysis Sheet
Creative Writing Brainstorm/Pre-writing/Drafting

Homework: CATE Creative Writing Contest Entry Due Sept. 25-26.

In class:  Review Literary Terms using Quizlet.
Work on Creative Writing assignment
Finish "Broken Chain" Analysis Sheet
Complete Edmodo Landlady new ending

Chromebooks on cart 
Single Period Day
September 21
Block A:
Sept. 22-23

Block B:
Sept. 24-25
D/F Notification

Broken Chain Reading Guide questions review.
Grammar Chapter 1 Review

Homework: CATE Creative Writing Contest Entry due Sept. 25-26
Document Link HERE

Review "Broken Chain" and vocabulary for it. Quiz Block 1
In class: Selection Test "Broken Chain"
"Tell Tale Heart"

Nonfiction reading/writing assignment.

Homework: CATE Creative Writing Contest Entry due Sept. 25-26
In class: nouns review and practice; proposition and support "Road Warriors" pp. 19-21; Writing the introduction to a literary analysis essay + practice. 

CATE Creative Writing Contest Entry Due to teacher today.  
Single Period Day
Sept. 28
Late Start
Block A:
September 29-30
Block B:
October 1-2

In class: Pronouns, Proposition and support pp. 19-20 
Vocabulary for literary terms.

Homework: Pick a Newsela story to read and write a one paragraph reaction to the article. What do you thing about the information? 
NewsELA Link
In class: Pronouns, "The Circuit" vocabulary + story pp. 182-189

Analysis of short story elements.  
In class: Proper Adjectives, "Tell Tale Heart" 

Lab time: Sign on to Study Island and complete assignments

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