September 1-2
Block A

Poem Memorization Assignment Due Sept. 21-23

        What is an idiom? (Notes)

September 5
September 6-7
Block A
Illuminate Diagnostic Testing
Homework: work on memorization of poem
September 8-9
Block B

Warm Up:  Class Survey p. 129  (Journal 1) 

Vocabulary: taut, benign, infuse, intolerant, illiteracy, aristocrat

"Mrs. Flowers"

Reading check 1-5 (not 4) + Writing one paragraph. 

Homework: Memorize your poem. 
September 12
Late Start
Single Period Day
September 12-14
Block A
September 15-16
Block B

Practice Poems with partners.

Analyze arguments

Measure Closes Deadly Loopholes in Gun Laws

Gun Laws Only Burden Those Who Obey Laws

Homework: Read the Article of the Week. Benefits of Reading. Write a one paragraph response. 

Work on memorizing your poem.

Discuss Article of the Week  and turn in homework paragraph.

Practice poems with partners.

Vocabulary: rapacious, dithering, porter, dotty, tantalizing, emanate

"The Landlady"

Write a new ending. 

Finish Gun Law article comparison

Sign in to Noredink, join your class group, and complete the sentence diagnostic. Work on memorizing your poem. 

Practice poems with partners.


Practice poems with partners.

Read "There Will Come Soft Rains"

Discuss themes and figurative language

Homework: Work on memorizing your poem. 

September 19
Single Period Day
September 20-21
Block A

September 22-23
Block B
Start Tom Sawyer Unit

Style Notes

Poems Recited A-M

Style Notes

Poems recited L-Z

Style Notes
September 26
Late Start Single Period Day
September 27-28
Block A

September 29-30
Block B

Late Poetry Recitations 50% earned credit. 

TIMED Writing

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