Single Period Day
Sept. 1
Block A:
Sept. 2-3
Block B:
Sept. 4-5

Labor Day    

  • Library Orientation 9:10-9:40/10:40-11:10
  • Review Kinds of Sentences: Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, Exclamatory.
  • Issue books
  • Finish "There Will Come Soft Rains" questions
  • Do analysis sheet
 Homework: Complete Analysis Sheet/Rains Selection Test

  • Selection Test "There Will Come Soft Rains"
  • Timed Writing: Dynamic vs Static Characters

 Homework: None

Single Period Day
Sept. 8
Block A:
Sept. 9-10
Block B:
Sept. 11-12

In class: "Destination Mars" 
Nonfiction/Text Structures
pp. 177-181 Graded assignment.

Notes: Plot/Subplot
Internal/External Conflicts

Title: header that is a hook into the topic of the story 
Subtitle: a phrase under the title that narrows the focus of the content
Illustrations: pictures, graphs, charts that go along with the story that explain and enrich the text (more information on the topic)
Captions: Notes to explain a picture or illustration (under or on sides)
Sidebar: Piece of text to the side usually boxed; it contains related information but is not the same focus as the main text

Homework:  Read "Broken Chain" p. 6- p. 16
On p. 16 complete
1-7 in Red Literature Book

In class: Notes: Plot/Subplot
Internal/External Conflict

Grammar Concepts: compound subjects and predicates/linking vs action verbs

Reading "The Landlady"
pp. 62-69
Identify: Plot elements, protagonist/antagonist, external vs internal conflict

Write a new ending for the story (narrative writing). Share in table groups.

Complete Analysis Sheet for "The Landlady"

Homework:  Read "Broken Chain" p. 6- p. 16
On p. 16 complete
1-7 in Red Literature Book

In class: Discussion of "Broken Chain"
Turn in homework. 

Grammar Concepts: Clauses/Fragments

Internal/External Conflict

Complete Analysis Sheet for "Broken Chain"

Homework: NONE

September 15
Single Period Day
Block A
September 16-17
Block B
September 18-19

 In class: Analysis Sheet for "Broken Chain" /Grammar: Sentences Ch. 1

Homework:  CATE Creative Writing Contest Entry Due Sept. 25-26.

Document Link HERE

In class: 
Grammar Ch. 1 Review
Text Structures Review Activity
"Broken Chain" Analysis Sheet
Creative Writing Brainstorm/Pre-writing/Drafting

Homework: CATE Creative Writing Contest Entry Due Sept. 25-26.

In class:  Review Literary Terms using Quizlet.
Work on Creative Writing assignment
Finish "Broken Chain" Analysis Sheet
Complete Edmodo Landlady new ending
Single Period Day
September 22
Block A:
Sept. 23-24
Rosh Hashanah -- 9/24-26
Block B:
Sept. 25-26
Rosh Hashanah 9/24-26

Broken Chain Reading Guide questions review.
Grammar Chapter 1 Review

Homework: CATE Creative Writing Contest Entry due Sept. 25-26
Document Link HERE

Review "Broken Chain" and vocabulary for it. Quiz Block 1
In class: Selection Test "Broken Chain"
"Tell Tale Heart"

Nonfiction reading/writing assignment.

Homework: CATE Creative Writing Contest Entry due Sept. 25-26
In class: nouns review and practice; proposition and support "Road Warriors" pp. 19-21; Writing the introduction to a literary analysis essay + practice. 

CATE Creative Writing Contest Entry Due to teacher today.  
Single Period Day
Sept. 29
Block A:
September 30-October 1
Block B:
October 2-3

In class: Pronouns, Proposition and support pp. 19-20 
Vocabulary for literary terms.

Homework: Pick a Newsela story to read and write a one paragraph reaction to the article. What do you thing about the information? 
NewsELA Link
In class: Pronouns, "The Circuit" vocabulary + story pp. 182-189

Analysis of short story elements.  
In class: Proper Adjectives, "Tell Tale Heart" 

Lab time: Sign on to Study Island and complete assignments

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