September 4

September 5-6
Block A        
September 7-8
Block B
Labor Day 
No School

Story "Mrs. Flowers"
September 11
Late Start
Media Center Orientation
September 12-13
Block A
September 14-15
Block B

1, Learning Commons Orientation with Mr. Richards

2. Practice your poem memorization with a partner. 


Print this out and put it in your binder: 

Study your literary terms. 

Memorize your poem and practice saying it. 

A.Warm UpSpiralTexts 2017

1. Practice saying your poem in a group of four. 

2. Group discussion of theme and how to formulate a theme statement. 

3. Read "Still I rise...." and discuss what the theme statement might be for the poem and what literary devices are at work in the poem. 

3. Write "Mrs. Flowers" theme statement paragraph and defend it with textual evidence and commentary. 

4. Use computers to practice the literary terms on Quizlet. (See link on Google Classroom.)

1. Write out your poem from memory. 

2. Edit your "Mrs. Flowers" Paragraph with this editing checklist. 

3. Submit your paragraph to Google Classroom. 

4. Say poems aloud.

5. Read this article 

6. Complete the questions (8 of them) with a partner and turn in one paper with both names. 

September 18-19
Block A
September 20-21
Block B

September 22

Literary Terms Quiz Practice on Quizlet

Poem memorization make-ups/-10 late. 

Textbook pp. 4-5: Plot, conflict, complications, climax, resolution, subplot, parallel episodes. 

Reading "Broken Chain" pp. 6-14 *(identify subplot/mainplot/ parallel episodes) 

Poem memorization make-ups/-20 late.

Poem: "Oranges" by Gary Soto

Create a compare/contrast chart (the poem vs the story)

Writing Workshop
No School
September 25
Late Start Single Period Day
September 26-27
Block A

September 28-29
Block B
Reading "The Landlady"
(suspense, irony, characterization, foreshadowing)
Copy vocabulary into a spiral.

Homework: Print out your writing from August/September for your portfolio. 

Postcard (will be given Friday)
Ernest Mann Model Poem
"The Road Not Taken" Analysis
Group slides on "Mrs. Flowers"
"Mrs. Flowers" paragraph
Compare/Contrast paragraph on "Broken Chain" and "Oranges
Have I missed anything? 
Grammar: Simple sentences. 
Review "The Landlady" vocabulary. 
Discussion groups + style chart 
(foreshadowing, irony, characterization)

Check out The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
Close reading of chapters 1-2

Homework: Print out your writing from August/September for your portfolio. 

PERIOD 2: You will be issued a Holes book in class tomorrow. We are reading Holes instead of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. 

Portfolio Assembly

"The Landlady" comprehension check + vocabulary.

Close reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapters 4-5.

Homework: Complete any reading you did not finish in class.
Answer study questions for chapters 4-5 in the spiral.
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Sep 24, 2013, 8:23 AM