February 29th
Single Period Day
 March 1-2
Block A
D/F Notification
March 3-4
Block B
Modeling correct format for annotations on this week's

Written response to AOW.

Study Guide to Toching Spirit Bear 

Homework: Work on your Study Guide this week. No graded homework. 

Frayer Boxes on vocabulary/roots.
“post”  means after or behind(posthumous, postmortem, posterior; postscript); “phot/phos” from the Greek meaning light  (phosphorescent, photogenic, photosynthesis)
Review last week's words

Work on Study Guide and finish Touching Spirit Bear. 

One Pager Assignment

Discussions per Study Guide on TSB.
One Pager
Test on Touching Spirit Bear
  • four main characters
  • three minor characters
  • one dynamic character (changes how)
  • one static character (stays the same because)
  • How does the setting play a major role in the novel?
  • Write a synopsis of the novel.
  • Write a theme statement.
  • Identify the author's tone.

 March 7 Single Periods     March 8-9 Block A March 10-11 Block B
Finish One Pager Started Friday - Turn in.

Check out Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Give Study Guide and Vocabulary Sheet

Start Frayer Boxes for this week. 

Frayer Boxes: 
rect” comes from Latin rectus which means “straight or “right” (rectify, rectilinear, rectitude, rector); “retro” means back, behind, or backward in Latin, in English it often means nostalgic or old-fashioned (retroactive, retrofit, retrogress, retrospective)

Homework: Study vocabulary on Quizlet.  Root vocabulary to study also. Quizlet Link 2. Read and take notes on the Article of the Week. Bullet notes -- at least twenty facts. 
Finish Frayer Boxes for this week. 

Read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapters 1-3

Work on study guide.

Homework: Study Vocabulary on Quizlet; Take notes on the article of the week. 

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapters 1-3 
Work on study guide.

Vocabulary Activity 

Notes and journal writing. 
 March 14 Single Periods    
 March 15-16 Block A March 17-18
Annotate using your annotation guide and respond to the questions at the end of the article. 
Article of the Week 

Roll of Thunder Chapters 4-6

Homework: No homework. Spirit Week. 
Write your rhetorical precis for the Article of the Week

Reading Chapters 4-6 of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. 

Frayer Boxes: 
“specta” means to see, observe, look or watch over (introspection, retrospect, prospective);   “scrib”  comes from Latin verb scribere “to write” (conscription, inscription, circumscribe)

Work on Study Questions for Chapters 4-6 (see below calendar)

On this day we turned in the following:
1) One Pager
2) Annotated article with response questions + precis "Willpower" 
3) We corrected Study guide for ch. 1-3
 March 21 Single Career Day 45 minute periods March 22-23 Assembly Block A March 24-25 Block B


Roll of Thunder Chapters 7-9

Homework: Do any reading or study guides not completed in class. 
Test Block 2 on Chapters 1-6 and vocabulary. 

Frayer Boxes:
“semi/hemi” means half (hemi is Greek) (semi is Latin) (semiconductor); “soph” from the Greek word meaning wise or wisdom (sophistry, sophisticated, sophomoric)

Reading Roll of 
Thunder, Hear My Cry

Study Guide for Chapters 7-9

  Reading Check Chapters 1-6 Test
 Including Vocabulary For Chapters 1-3

Finish Reading Chapters 7-9 and Study Guide

Article of the Week
 March 29-30 Block A March 31 - April 1
Block B
Roll of Thunder Chapters 10-12

Roots: “sub”  means under (subconscious, subliminal, subservient); “stru” to build or construct (misconstrue, deconstruct)

Article of the Week: 

Homework: Finish all study guides and finish reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. You may have to print the chapters 7-9 study guide above at home. 
Reading Chapter 11-12 
All study guides completed and turned in together. 

 Article of the week 
Video of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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