November 28
Single Period Day
November 29-30
Block A
December 1-2
Block B

Homework: Commas for Clarity
Finish your virtual field trip paper if you did not finish in class. 

Chromebook Cart to do Virtual Field Trip

  • Virtual Field Trip to these two sites:

Complete the handout given in class.

Finished Charly Movie and Seminar
Record Vocabulary for The Diary of Anne Frank
Practice on Quizlet

Reading "Diary of Anne Frank"
Reading "Diary of Anne Frank" 
Act I
Scenes 1-2-3
pp. 217-243 

Single Period Day
Dec. 5
Block A:
Dec. 6-7
D/F    Notification
Block B:
Dec. 8-9

Act 1
Scenes 3-4-5

Homework:  Commonly Confused words V on No Red Ink. 
Read the Article of the Week and write a one paragraph opinion. Practice your Anne Frank Vocabulary on Quizlet.
Double check that you have submitted your Personal Narrative in Google Classroom Due Date 12/8-9 Print out a copy to bring to school.
Reading "Diary of Anne Frank"
Act 1 - Act II
Scenes 2-3-4

Book Fair Day: 9:20-9:35 and 2:10-2:25
Print a copy of your narrative in media center if you haven't already.

Reading "Diary of Anne Frank"
Questions we worked in in class are linked below the calendar.

Dec. 12 2-4-6
December 13 1-3-5
Block A
December 14
December 15
Block B
Dec. 18
Minimum Day

In class: Anne Frank Question Sheets Below
Quiz on Commonly Confused Words V
Reading on in the play

Homework: Study your vocabulary on Quizlet for a 20 problem matching quiz on Block B
Work on capitalizing and formatting titles on NoRedInk.

Diary of Anne Frank Vocabulary Test

"Terrible Things"
December 19December 20-21December 22-23

Winter Break

Winter Break

Winter Break
December 26December 27-28December 29-30

Winter Break
Winter Break    

Winter Break

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