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HP August

August 30
Single Period Day
August 31
Single Period Day
September 1-2
Block A
Single Period Day
1. Welcome
2. Syllabus (Find it and share it with your parents.)
3. Supplies: Learning Log (journal/spiral); personal sharpener, stapler, hole punch; notebook paper, pens, pencils, binder space
4. "Valentine for Ernest Mann"

5. Where does writing hide? 

 Homework: Get syllabus signed electronically and secure an independent reading book. 
Single Period Day
Warm Up: What is a simile/metaphor/personification? Find in "Valentine for Ernest Mann".

1. Letter to Teacher written in class.

2. Mini-Me Doll writing assignment

3. Review literary devices in "Valentine for Ernest Mann"

Homework: Complete your Mini-Me doll. 

Be sure you have an independent reading book by Block A.
Block A
 1. Warm Up: What is an idiom? (Notes)
2. Share Dolls

Homework: None


Lori Meyer