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HP March

Single Period
February 29

Block A:
March 2-3
Block B:
March 4-5

Group assignment: Find examples in the text of each of the vocabulary words from last Thursday.

Homework: Finish reading Merchant of Venice, watch videos online, review for test block B. 

Modeled annotations for Article of the Week + writing

Frayer Boxes
  1. “post”  means after or behind(posthumous, postmortem, posterior; postscript); “phot/phos” from the Greek meaning light  (phosphorescent, photogenic, photosynthesis)

  2. Review last week's words.

Review for Merchant of Venice Test block B 
Study Guide file below this calendar. 

We did not get to the test. We worked to analyze the key speeches in Merchant of Venice and had group discussions about these. 

Did Frayer Boxes for the week. 
post = behind        phot/phos = light
posthumous            phosphorescent
postmortem             photogenic
posterior                   photosynthesis
post script

Single Period Day
March 7
Block A
March 8-9
Block B
March 10-11

Finish Speech Analysis sheets. 

Check out Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry vocabulary sheet. 
Start Reading Chapters 1-3

Homework: Finish your Frayer boxes.  Quizlet for Chapters 1-3. Take 20 bullet notes from the Article of the Week. 

Test on Merchant of Venice

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. 
Work on Study guide. 

Do Frayer Boxes: rect” comes from Latin rectus which means “straight or “right” (rectify, rectilinear, rectitude, rector); “retro” means back, behind, or backward in Latin, in English it often means nostalgic or old-fashioned (retroactive, retrofit, retrogress, retrospective)

Shakespeare Speech analysis due for a grade. 

Review Study Guide on Chapters  1-3
Single Period Day
March 14
Block A
March 15-16
Block B
March 17-18

Review Study Guide Chapters 1-3 + vocabulary words.

Reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapters 4-6
See study questions below this calendar. Print your own out at home.

Homework: No homework. Spirit Week. 
Spirit Week 
Annotate and respond to Article of the Week
Write a rhetorical precis for the article.

Read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapter 4-6
See Study Questions to complete below calendar.
Print your own out at home. 

Frayer Boxes: “specta” means to see, observe, look or watch over (introspection, retrospect, prospective);   “scrib”  comes from Latin verb scribere “to write” (conscription, inscription, circumscribe)

Read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapters 4-6
See study questions to complete below calendar.
Single Period Day
March 21
Block A:
March 22-23

Block B:
March 24-25

Reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry 
Chapters 7, 8, 9 this week. 
Study Guide for 7-9

Homework: Finish any reading not done in class. Prepare for a test over Chapters 1-6 + Vocabulary

Intrepid Shakespeare Production
 Reading Test Chapters 1-6 + Vocabulary
Frayer Boxes:
  1. “semi/hemi” means half (hemi is Greek) (semi is Latin) (semiconductor,); 

  2. “soph” from the Greek word meaning wise or wisdom (sophistry, sophisticated, sophomoric)

  3. Article of the Week

Single Period Day
 March 28
March 29-30
Block A
March 31-April 1
Block B

Homework: Finish Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry 10, 11, 12

Complete all study guides this week through chapter 9
Roots: “sub”  means under (subconscious, subliminal, subservient); “stru” to build or construct (misconstrue, deconstruct)

Article of the Week 

Homework: Finish reading Roll of Thunder and finish all study guides. You might need to print the Chapters 7-9 study guide above. 
Shakespeare Scenes 

Article of the Week activity

Study Guide with Characters (below calendar)

All study guides due today.  

Article of the Week Activity.
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