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HP January

Jan. 2
Block A
Jan. 3-4
Block B:
Jan. 5-6
In class: Lies Unit Activites 1-3

Homework: Do Frayer Boxes on the root words this week: milli = 1,000 millisecond, millipede; mono = one monolithic, monotheism, monogamous 
Define the following unit vocabulary words by Thursday: rueful, ruefully, moral, morality, creditable,  credibility, currency, inherent, exile, pervasive, emulate



Single Per.:
Jan. 9
Block A:
Jan. 10-11
Block B:
Jan. 12-13
College and Career Day with Counselors in Media Center

Frayer Box Words: “morph”  from the Greek word for shape (amorphous, anthropomorphic, metamorphosis); “Mit/mis” from Latin verb mittere “to send” (emissary, remittance)

In class: Read and annotate "When is Lying Justified?"
and fill in chart column C. 

Homework: Read the Newsela article on Google Classroom. Write a main idea and list of supporting details. Then write a one paragraph summary of the article on notebook paper to turn in Block B.

See file below calendar if you cannot access the article. 

Participate in the Great Kindness Challenge

Class Spelling Bees
Refer to the HOME page for a list of study words. 
Single Per.:
Jan. 16
Block A:
Jan. 17-18
Block B:
Jan. 19-20
No School

Homework: Study for your Spelling Vocabulary Quiz on Quizlet
  1. Jan18-22 “neg” “nec”  from the Latin verb negare meaning denial or refusal to say no (abnegation, negligible);  “nom” from Latin means name (polynomial, misnomer, nomenclature)

 End of Semester One
Spelling and Vocabulary List test Weeks 13-18. morph/mit/mis

Jan. 23
Single Late STart

Jan.  24-25
Block A 
Jan. 26-27
Block B
  1. “apter/patr”  from both Greek and Latin for father (patriarchy, paternalistic); “ex” is a prefix that means out (expatriate, exit)

The Merchant of Venice
Finish your chart. 
Article of the Week

How will you use what you read in your argument essay?
The Merchant of Venice
Frayer Boxes 
Drafting your essay. 
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