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HP January

January 2
January 3-4
Block A
January 5-6
Block B


January 8
Late Start
January 9-10
Jan. 10 Assembly Block 
January 11-12
In class: Table groups research a incidence of Genocide in world history to create a Google Slides presentation. 

Homework:  No Red Ink Commonly Confused Words 5

"Camp Harmony" pp. 319-327
Vocabulary: tersely, laconically, breach, rivited, vigil
Complete p. 327 #1-9 + Writing

Speech Analysis MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech (see files below calendar)
March on Washington Video

January 15
January 16-17
Block A
January 18-19
Block B
  1. No School

Start MLK Speech Analysis
Video of the March on Washington

See Google Classroom Linked Article to read and write about the impact of reading on the brain. 

Writing Rhetorical Precis using homework.
Finish MLK Project
 January 22 
Single Late Start    
 January 23-24
 Block A    
 January 25-26
 Block B

 Finish the MLK project and turn in. 

No Red Ink Rules of Capitalization 1; Read the article linked here and write a rhetorical precis on the article. (outline slides are below the calendar). 

Article of the Week

Vocabulary Quiz: Camp Harmony + I have a dream words + Some of the commonly confused words. 

Show Ms. Meyer your journal entries for a writing grade. 

Draft One of Your Own: Dream Speech (Persuasive)
 In class Spelling Bee Qualifying Rounds

Show Ms. Meyer your journal entries for a writing grade. 

Article 1 on Writing Persuasive Speech 
Article on Writing Persuasive Speech.

Work on Draft One of your speech.

 January 29 January 30 January 31 Single Period Day
 No School Holiday No School Happiness Day
View TED talk on Happiness
Record citation information in spiral. 

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