La Costa Canyon California Scholarship Federation (CSF)
Parents and guardians, please have your child complete their own application. This is a great opportunity for them to have practice reading instructions and filling out a form- a skill that will be extremely important in life. By all means, check it afterward, but do not deprive them of this learning opportunity.

California Scholarship Federation, CSF, recognizes California students who possess high standards in academic scholarship, community service and citizenship. Qualification is based on grades and courses completed each semester, and you may apply beginning spring of freshman year.
To gain CSF Seal Bearer Status (also known as a Life Member) you must apply and qualify every semester from spring of sophomore year through fall of senior year. CSF membership can be included in your college applications to indicate your scholastic achievements. You must re-qualify and re-apply every semester.
To become a member please fill out an application to determine if you qualify and return it to Room 303 (Francois) or 740 (Stapko) or to the box in the counseling office.  Fall Applications are accepted from October 1-31 (using the previous Spring semester grades). Spring  Applications  will be accepted from March 1- March 31 (using the previous Fall semester grades) Late applications will not be accepted
Returning members please remember you MUST have 4 consecutive semesters in CSF to be a seal bearer. One of those semesters must occur in fall of your senior year.
The application can be found below- click on the downward facing arrow to download it to your computer.  Students should be responsible for completing the application and turning it in, not parents!
Please complete this google form as well. This will enable us to gather your email address and communicate better with you.


For more information  or questions please contact:   or
Can I use summer school classes?
Unfortunately, according to the bylaws, summer school classes cannot count towards CSF points.
What if I got a C in an AP class?
Only classes where you earned an A or B count towards CSF points. A "B" in an AP class is worth 2 CSF points instead of 1, but a "C" is worth 0.

Can I apply if I am a freshman?
You cannot apply until you are in your second semester of your freshman year. Only grades for High School classes count for CSF qualification.

Are points different if I'm a senior?
Yes, it's easier to qualify as a senior. If you need to, seniors only may use up to 3 classes from list II and no classes from list I.

What if I  took a college course concurrently last semester? Does that count?
Yes, you can use it as one of your classes. You need to use the following table to determine how many CSF points the class is worth (based on the semester units of the class).

How do I know if my application was accepted?
Unless we find an error in your application, you are accepted. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to post a list online.  The list will be posted in the Media Center temporarily when it is completed (usually about a month after they are due). You can also email Katie Stapko ( or stop by room 740 if you want to check your status.

Katie Stapko,
Jan 6, 2017, 3:42 PM