Welcome to Mrs. Chen's Science Class! 

In this class, students will investigate the field of science through an inquiry-driven curriculum. Students will face real-world issues on the topics of Chemistry, Earth's processes, Ecosystems and human impact. We will explore these problems through critical thinking and problem solving. The goal of this class is to bring out the scientist in every one! I am excited for a wonderful school year together. We will have lots of fun :)      

Period 1: 7th grade Science Room C111
Period 2: 7th grade Science Room C111
Period 3: 7th grade Science Room C111
Period 4: 7th grade Science Room C111
Period 5: 7th grade Science Room C111
Period 6: Prep

Contact Information
    email: kajyo.chen@sduhsd.net
(previously kajyo.yamamoto@sduhsd.net)

Pacific Trails Middle School
Address: 5975 Village Center Loop Rd, San Diego, CA 92130
Phone:(858) 509-1000

Classroom Donations 
are always greatly appreciated!

  • We are always in need of:

    • chlorox wipes

      • kleenix

        • glue sticks

        • card stock
        • Gift cards: Home Depot, Staples, Ralphs