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Hello!  This is my third year at CCA, and I have taught biology, chemistry, and marine biology in the classroom for 10 years now!  I love being a part of the Raven family here and look forward to settling in further.

My primary goal as a science teacher is for all students (no matter the subject) to expand their SCIENCE skills (scientific reading/writing, practical lab skills, observation, inference, etc) through the avenue of the subject at hand.  Anyone in this era of Google has the ability to look up pieces of biology or chemistry information easily on the internet, but many people are deficient in their ability to analyze the information and the credibility of scientific knowledge that they have access to on the web or in the news.  Secondarily, students will leave my classroom with knowledge of the subject (bio or chem) that will serve as a strong foundation for success in AP science courses, college courses, standardized science tests, or the workplace.

You will find most of the documents, videos, links, etc you need in this class presented within the agenda section of the class (just hover over Biology or Chemistry and select "Agenda with Links."  There you will see what was done in class that day as well as what was assigned as homework.  I will often have the agenda filled in ahead of time, but please understand all future plans are subject to change.  Grades are presented via Aeries (see the tab above) and updated usually within a week of turning in the assignment/taking the test/etc.  If you have any difficulties accessing these district resources, please look for guidance at my.sduhsd.net.

Contact Information
erinn.eddingfield@sduhsd.net  (858) 350-0253 x 4135
Room D205

Note:the best way to contact me will be via email.
First Term Schedule                               Second Term Schedule

Period 1 Biology                                    Period 1  Chemistry 

Period 2 Prep                                        Period 2 Chemistry 

Period 3 Chemistry                               Period 3 Chemistry  

Period 4 Chemistry                               Period 4 Prep