Envision Conservatory for the Humanities

“Philosophy is but sophisticated poetry.”  
        --Michel de Montaigne

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The purpose of Humanities Conservatory is to develop foundational skills for advanced scholarship in the humanities. Focus will be on mastery of research methodology and introductory consideration of the four core humanities disciplines: philosophy, theology, civics, and ethics. Students are expected to master research techniques and modalities and demonstrate learning through one thematic project for each discipline.  Level I Humanities builds a preparatory intellectual framework for interdisciplinary collaboration with the envision arts conservatories during Humanities Conservatory Level II and Level III. Level II students will begin to integrate their research with fellow Conservatory students in the Envision Program here at Canyon Crest Academy. Level III students will continue their collaboration and prepare their findings for publication or performance. Through this interdisciplinary, collaborative process, the culminating purpose of the Conservatory will be to produce students with the skills necessary for a 21st century world citizen. Students preparing for careers in research, writing, the arts, education, business, law and government will best prepared through participation in this Conservatory.

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