Math B Syllabus

Welcome to Math B. We will cover all 8th grade Common Core Math Standards. Students are expected to take notes daily and complete assigned homework. Students will be given 8 modules throughout the year. As each Module is completed, students will receive their next Module in class Click here to view course overview for Math B.

I expect you to:

1. Be prepared for class every day, with all materials.

2. Respect yourself and others

3. Follow directions and pay attention

4. Give your best effort always!!

You can expect me to:

1. Come to class prepared and ready to teach

2. Work as hard as I ask you to work

3. Provide challenging and stimulating work

4. Make math fun and interesting!!

Behavior Consequences:

If you choose to break a rule, you can expect the following to occur:

1st time-warning

2nd time-detention and phone call home

3rd time-referral

Grading Policy:

Grades will be based on 70% assessments (tests and quizzes) and 30% classwork (homework checks and tasks). Every module will have a quiz, test, and at least two homework checks. Students may choose to drop their lowest quiz score for 1st semester. Students will participate in two group assessments, one quiz and one test for the year.

Tests: 100 points Quizzes: 50 points Homework: 10 Points Tasks: 10 to 20 points (points will vary)

Progress Reports/Report Cards:

Official progress reports and report cards will be delivered electronically via the AERIES parent portal. Grades are regularly updated once a week and can be checked on AERIES. Please contact the counseling office if you need help setting up and AERIES account.

Extra Support

I will make myself available after school one day a week until 3:30 for after school tutoring. Students can use this time to start homework, or ask any questions they may have in the class.

I have created a website that has instructional videos to help with concepts and their homework. The website can be found by clicking here.

Homework Policy:

Homework assignments will be posted on Mr. Jenkins' website and on the district math support website. Homework assignments must be written down in students’ agenda books. All work must be shown. Students are expected to complete their homework in pencil and on a separate piece of notebook paper. When finished, students must correct their work at home in pen or colored markers using the homework answers posted on Mr. Jenkins' website. About every two weeks, students will take a four problem “Homework Check” worth 16 points. No late work accepted!

Suggested Supplies:

    • Math Module and PTMS agenda book (these materials will be given to students in class)
    • 3 ring binder
    • Notebook paper (8 ½ x 11) or spiral notebook to complete homework
    • Scientific Calculator
    • Pencils, erasers, correcting pen or marker
    • Optional: iPad, tablet or laptop to take class notes


Students may not turn in someone else’s work as their own or supply work to other students to use. Copying homework, websites, classwork, quiz answers, and test answers from other students, with or without their permission, is not allowed and will be treated as academic dishonesty. Students who engage in cheating/plagiarism will earn a zero on their assignment/quiz/test and will be given a referral.

Electronic Devices:

Anything that has a power button (cell phones, ipods, tablets, etc.) must be out of sight and turned off during class time unless Mr. Jenkins gives specific permission to use it for educational purposes. Students may use their personal electronic devices (laptop, tablet or ipad) to take class notes. Students are responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

My Pledge

While I love math and teaching, I love my students even more. It is my job to work hard every day to make lessons enjoyable and interesting for you. It is also my job to treat you fairly and respectfully, with high academic and behavioral expectations of you all year long. And, it is YOUR job as my student to work and try hard every day, to be an active participant, and to collaborate with and be kind to your classmates. If we both do our jobs successfully, this will be one of your best classes!

If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact me anytime!

Phone: (858) 509-1000 ext 4759


I look forward to a terrific year in Math B!