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 Little Tokyo MAP and Basic Japanese Phrases! 
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Room D-107 (Phone Ext. 4127)
P.E. Gym (Phone Ext. 4064)                                   Studying Japanese at CCA is Fun!                                                                                       
Canyon Crest Academy                                          Why?
5951 Village Center Loop Road                             1.  Japanese culture is rich and interesting!
San Diego, CA 92130                                            2.  Pronunciation and grammar is simple.
                                                                               3.  Writing system is art and great for visual learners
                                                                               4.  Many English words are used in Japanese
                                                                                    Examples:  pen = pen, konpyuta = computer, terebi = TV, etc.
                                                                               5.  Every January, Field Trips to Little Tokyo, downtown Los Angeles
Period 1 Japanese 1                                              6.  Every February, JCAP (Japanese Culture Academic Proficency) Language Competition. We placed 2nd!
Period 2 Japanese 3                                              7.  Every March, Japanese Exchange Students visit CCA. Culture exchange at its best!
Period 3 No Class                                                  8.  Quinn Sensei plays guitar in class and students sing many songs in Japanese. Fun Fun Fun!
Period 4 Year 1 PE
                                                                                9.  Learning games in class like Baseball, Fly Swatter,Blufforama, Pyramid Game, etc.
                                                                               10.  Great for college applications.
                                                                               11.  Japan has the 3rd largest economy in the world! "With a GDP of $5.4 trillion in 2010, Japan's
                                                                                     economy is 3rd only to that of the U.S. and China.  Japan is America's 4th largest export destination.
                                                                               12.  CCA Students said, "Japanese is easier than I thought."
                                                                               13.  CCA Students said, "I love the JNHS Club! (Japanese National Honors Society).
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Type my name in the search box under "Class" tab to find the class, then, click on the Chervon looking icon, and select "Enroll"
Student Logins for Blackboard are NOT the same as last year.  Follow this...

LastName+FirstInitial+Last 4 digits of student perm ID number "@my.sduhsd.net

John Smith - ID number is 1234567 = smithj4567
Jane Doe - ID number is 9876543 =      doej6543
Their first time password is their full permanent ID#. The system will NOT ask them to change their password. Unless they manually go in and change their password it will stay the same throughout they year. It is recommended that students leave their password as their permanent ID#, so they do not forget it.


                                                          Quinn jammin on bass in front of 10,000+ fans!