What is Happening in Art?

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Thank You!

Stop Motion Animation Unit: Screenplay Example

link: Toy Story
link: Up

Arts Week: Exhibit Openings

Community Painted Quilt

Book Quilt

DÑO Quilt 

Logo Quilt

Food Quilt



Stop Motion Animation Video

Stop Motion Animation DNO 2015-16.mp4

Creating a Gift: Woodblock Photograph Transfer Project

DNO Garden
Thank you Anderson's La Costa Nursery 
for donating California Native Plants and clay pots! 

Advanced Art: Papier-mâché

Op Art

Notan Design

Zentangle Pattern

Imagination Worksheet: Sparking Creativity In The Classroom
DNO artists began with...
and created...

Syllabus 2015-2016

Please click the link below to complete the Studio Art syllabus for the 2015-16 school year. 
Due: Tuesday, September 1st, 2015
Points: 5

Studio Art 2014-2015

Tie-Dye Activity

Comic Book Project

Warm-up 5.18.15

3D Nylon Sculpture Project

Circulation and Respiration Visual Representation
Bravo Diegueno artists! Last week, Diegueno artists participated in a cross-curricular project: Circulation and Respiration Visual Representation. From 3D models to stop motion animation, students focused on a specific function of the circulatory or respiratory system and presented their visual to the class in preparation for their heart dissection and upcoming content in science.

Thank you to Mr. Voigt and Mrs. Byrnes for their help in making science come alive in the studio art classroom. 


Sumi-E Watercolor

Tessellation Project

Artbook Research Project

Acrylic Painting

Grid Method 
Paint Theory and Practice

Science and the Arts

Doctors and university medical students explore art to hone skills in observation. We will be reading this article in class as a warm-up assignment.

Gifts for Family

A big shout out to all those who donated to our clay project. THANK YOU!
You made it possible for every art student to create a clay artwork ! During the next two weeks, students will be creating their own clay artwork and learning to use the kiln. I can't wait to see their creations and I hope you enjoy the upcoming surprise!

Bravo Diegueno artists on your incredibly creative stop motion videos! 
You continually inspire me with your hard work and artistic visions.

A few examples of student claymations...

Stop Motion.mp4

Stop Motion Prezi


Interior Design: One Point Perspective

Value Watercolor Apple

Value Still Life Drawings

Recycled Sculptures

Bravo periods 2, 3, and 5! 
Diegueno artists recycled plastic bottles into a community sculpture exhibit. Centered around a specific meaning/message, groups of artists cut, glued, taped, and painted the plastic materials to create a unique sculpture. Lastly, students learned about exhibiting public works of art and displayed their own artworks around campus for the community to enjoy. 

Wall of Tissue: Chihuly Inspired Vases

"Wall of Tissue: Chihuly Inspired Vases is a representation of sixty students collaborating to create one unified work of art out of fifteen papier-mâché vases. This entire exhibit was designed and crafted by Ms. Casassa’s 2014 first and fourth period classes. Diegueno artists learned and emulated Dale Chihuly’s amazing glass works of art. Wall of Tissue: Chihuly Inspired Vases presents the Diegueno community with the opportunity to experience the Elements of Art form, color, and pattern as well as the Principles of Design balance and movement within the Media Center space."
        -Student Written "Mission Statement"

Final Product (minus writing)

Students Learning and Taking Part in The Exhibition Process

DNO Pride!

A Work In Progress

Rough Draft Sketches

Student Thank You Cards To The Chihuly Studio

"Thank you Mrs. Coy for not only inviting us to display our artwork in the media center, but also for generously supplying us with tissue paper and glossy Mod Podge. In addition, thank you parents and students for donating tissue paper as well as Chihuly Studio for their generous donation of various resources to help us to learn about Mr. Chihuly and gain inspiration from Chihuly’s artwork." 
         -Student Written "Thank You" and "Funding For This Exhibit"

2015 STEM Design Contest

The San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering is extending an open invitation to students of all ages to design a graphic for our 2015 Festival merchandise.

Winners will be awarded an educational stipend, a framed original of their artwork, and choice of printed merchandise.

*All designs must be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related

Link for Design Contest


Exciting news! After Dale Chihuly's studio found out Diegueno artists were creating vases inspired by Chihuly for our new Media Center, they sent our artists an abundance of resources to help complete our masterpiece. The resources included a Chihuly book, DVDs, and an Art Kit. We have already utilized the book and DVDs to explore Chihuly's artwork in depth. How inspiring!

for your generous donation to our Studio Art program! 


Last week, Diegueno artists explored Japanese Notan design. Focusing on the Element of Art, shape, and Principle of Design, balance, artists choose a unique theme and created their own Notan design. 
In addition, Diegueno artists explored the Brooklyn Museum's online art catalogue to complete their first art analysis (Hiroshige, woodblock print).  



"The City"

Update on ZENTANGLE Designs

BRAVO Diegueno Artists! 
I am so impressed by your hard work and creativity. 
Keep up the excellent work!


    Last week (9/1-9/5), Diegueno artists focused on creativity and how it applies to our daily lives within the art classroom as well as its extension beyond the classroom and into their future careers. 
    Throughout the week we read scholarly articlesdiscussed and created our Art Vocabulary booklet, which incorporated our first two Elements of Art, line and shape, and our first Principle of Design, pattern, and began to look at various ways of assessing artwork

*Project is DUE Tuesday, September 9th (Periods 1/3/5) or Wednesday, September 10th (Periods 2/4) at the end of the school day. 

Welcome to Studio Art

I am excited to welcome you to art! In this course you will have the opportunity to develop and explore art theories and techniques through a variety of traditional media as well as a foundation of art history.

please click the link (blue) below to review and sign the syllabus 
*DUE Friday, August 29th