Welcome to Sra. Del Valle's webpage!

Hola, students and parents!  My name is Sra. Del Valle. Welcome to my webpage!  Please browse this webpage for resources that will help you in your acquisition of Spanish.
To access the extra practice websites that our Realidades textbook provides, use the links given on the left margin of this page. You may need the access codes in your textbook. Take advantage of the practice exams that are also included! 
I welcome parent and student contact via email so do not hesitate to reach me with any questions or concerns.  I looking forward to a year full of enthusiasm and progress in teaching the foundations of Spanish in my Spanish 1 and Spanish Language Arts classes. 
As a last and very important note:  Remember that extra help is available for any student. Please let me know if you're having difficulties or questions.  Sooner rather than later is always better.  I enjoy working with my students in small groups and one on one.  Please take advantage of the C.A.T. time that our schedule provides.