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Welcome 'Class of 2019' to the home page for Mr. Norris' American Government and Politics class. Please use this site for copies of assignments, calendars, lecture notes, and links to useful resources. 

American Government is a quarter-long course required in the senior year in the San Dieguito Union School District. The quarter grade will be recorded on the student’s permanent transcript and count toward graduation from high school and entrance to college or university.  American Government is a required course to graduate from the San Dieguito Union High School District. To receive credit toward graduation, a grade of “D” or higher must be earned.  The course is on the University of California’s “A-H” requirement list, and is also required by many other colleges and universities.

The American Government curriculum covers the foundations of American democracy through the study of essential documents, the rights and obligations of American citizens, the unique roles and responsibilities of the three branches of government, an analysis of landmark U.S. Supreme Court interpretations, issues regarding campaigns and elections and a study of American foreign and domestic policy.  Students will be held responsible for any and all information made available to them through text and supplemental reading and writing assignments, teacher’s lectures and notes, video, student presentations, etc.

The goal of the course is to educate the student in American Government, open new doors, explore different political issues and further develop the foundations of the student’s ideology.  The American Government course is a valuable opportunity for students to become exposed to a variety of events, ideas, persons and places that will broaden their knowledge, allow them to better appreciate our contemporary society and help them become more socially literate and aware. 

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