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      When school's back in person come see me, Mrs. Coy.  I love to talk about books and make recommendations, but, I especially want to hear what you are reading and what you recommend.

     You will find (just ask anyone) I love to talk and especially talk to kids. I love to hear what you are up to, where you like to go, who your friends are, help you meet new friends, and etc.  If you visit the Learning Commons Classroom you can meet people with the same interests and just have plain old fun!  See code to the right.
Diegueño's Virtual Book Clubs!
     So far we have the following Book Clubs but we can do just about any kind: 
"Graphic Novels/Manga"
 "Historical Fiction/Classics
"WWII Novels"
I am looking for folks to start the clubs below, they would be so much fun!
and "Rom-Com", 

  I have some ideas how we could meet in a hybrid fashion.  Let's leave the status quo for now and in about a week or two let's revisit the possiblilty.......
     The Book Clubs will not have work or reports attached to them.  It is just so you can read and enjoy the company of others who like what you like to read.
      I have many books with multiple copies. We also have eBooks and Audio books in our District's SORA CollectionYou can also find SORA on my.sduhsd.net

Quick Reads . . .

Graphic Novels and Manga. 
I personally love:
  • the Baby-Sitters Club books by Gale Galligan
  • They Called Us Enemy by George Takei

New books are being added to the book shelves all the time.  Be the first to read one (or more!!!).  Hopefully, you'll make a recommendation bookmark for the book.  It's easy and fun! 

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What's New in the Learning Commons?

New Books Display 
(you can guess what that is)
"First Things First" 
a curated display of ALL of the Book 1's of a Series that are found in our Library
WWII Novels 
in a separate section of shelves

Displays change often 
Come in and check 'em out!


 Encinitas Public Library News

Do you know how to "borrow" books from the Public Library for your phone/e-reader?  Use the link above for a treasure trove of resources!!

Contests for Students
  • Throughout the year, various companies and organizations offer different types of contests for writing and art and etc.  I post as many as I find as often as I find them.  Some have prizes, some are just for recognition.  Two years ago, one of Diegueño's students entered a Mother's Day writing competition and won breakfast out with his Mom and he read his poem to all the attendees!  How exciting is that?
  • Check with me.  I post the contest information here, as they come up, in my Google Classroom, and on bulletin boards in the Learning Commons.