Welcome to tenth grade history. In this course we explore Europe from the Renaissance until the Second World War.
The goal of the course is to encourage you (the student) to see yourself, not as a student learning history, but rather as a young historian. The skills we practice are the same skills used by professional historians. Of course, our goal is also to set a solid foundation for upper-level (AP) history classes.
Semester 1: Fall 2012

Unit 1: 
Section A: The Italian Renaissance (Chapter 2)
Section B: The Northern Renaissance (Chapter 3)
Section C: The Protestant Reformation (Chapter 4)
Section D: The Catholic  / Counter Reformation and Religious Wars (Chapter 5)
Section E: The Age of Exploration (Chapter 6)

Unit 2:
Section A: Constitutionalism in England (Chapter 7)
Section B: Absolutism in France (Chapter 8)
Section C: Scientific Revolution (Chapter 11)
Section D: The Enlightenment (Chapter 12)
Section E: The French Revolution (Chapter 14)
Section F: Napoleonic Europe (Chapter 15)

Semester 2: Spring 2013

Unit 3: 
Section A: Congress of Vienna (Chapter 16)
Section B: Liberalism and Socialism and 1848 (Chapters 21 & 22)
Section C: Industrial and Agricultural Revolution (Chapter 20)
Section D: German and Italian Unification (Chapter 23)
Section E: The Age of Imperialism (Chapter 27)

Unit 4:
Section A: First World War and Versailles (Chapters 28 & 29)
Section B: Russia, from Tsar to Stalin (Chapter 30)
Section C: Fascism and Nazism (Chapter 31 & 32)
Section D: The Holocaust (Chapter 35)
Section E: Second World War (Chapter 34 & 35)