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Lockdown Procedure

Lockdown initiated by PA announcement

1. Lock your door
2. Turn off lights
3. Close blinds
4. Gather students away from doors and windows and as out of sight as possible.
5. Wait to be released by the police or an administrator who will use a key.         

A lockdown will occur in the event of an emergency in which it becomes unsafe for students to be allowed out of the classrooms and/or buildings on campus. This could be due to a threat on campus or at the request of the civil authorities due to an event in the surrounding community.

In a lockdown, all outside building doors and classroom doors are locked and the students and faculty are required to remain in their location until released by the appropriate officials. Be sure to lock all windows and doors and close any blinds. When notified of a lockdown, each teacher is responsible for locking his or her own classroom. Move the students to a location in the room where they are least visible and tell them to keep their heads and bodies low to the ground. Students should be kept as still
and quiet as possible. Take attendance of the students in your room. Do not respond to knocks or voices at the door. When the lockdown is lifted, an administrator and/or a police officer will announce who they are and open the door themselves.  Police will check and clear the hallways of the building and then inform the administration when they are ready to release the school from lockdown. The release should begin with the smallest children and work toward the oldest. 

If you have additional information about the situation, they should use a classroom or office phone to call the front
office with that information.