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Discover "la bise" !

Definitions of « la bise »

- A « la bise » is a kiss given when greeting someone and how many you give depends on where you are in Europe. (Molly)

- La bise is when people in Europe kiss each other on the cheeks, some parts of Europe, there are different numbers of kisses on the cheek. (Alex)

- La bise is when two friends touch cheeks and make a kissing sound. In sone parts of France, the number of « kisses » varies. Only friends do it and only two girls or two guys. (Andra)

- La bise is when two friends kiss each other’s cheeks to say hello. In different parts of France it depends on how many times you kiss their cheeks. (Mary Grace)

- « La bise » is a way that people informally greet each other. It is a number of kisses on either cheek. The number of kisses varies in each region of France from two to four. Females who are close tend to do la bise more than males, who only do it if they are in the same family. Otherwise (informal situations) a handshake is used. (Ella)

- La bise is kiss and it is complicated because in different parts of France you give different numbers of la bise. It varies from 2 to 4 la bise. (Victoria)

- « La bise » is the European greeting of kissing on the cheeks while saying hello. You can kiss on both cheeks once or twice, or just on one cheek. The French sometimes say « two or three ? »  before kissing to avoid awkward situations. (Aidan)

- La bise is when two friends or family members give each other air kisses on each other’s cheeks while making a slight kissing noise. People in different parts of France give a different number of these, from two to four. (Sadie)

- La bise is the way most French people greet each other by kissing. They have a different number of kisses for different regions in France. (Nathan)

- La bise (or « the kiss ») is a common French greeting between clos friends and family. The number of kisses varies from place to place,such as two in Paris and four in other parts of France. (John)

- It is the common French greeting that involves touching cheeks while making kissing sounds, a different number for different places. (Devin)

- Cheek/kiss greeting in France, different places have different numbers of the la bise, it goes 2 to 4. (Christian)