• As your teacher it is my goal to ready you for the AP Examination next May. But, just as much, I want you to gain a mature understanding of the history of Europe and want you to hone the skills of an historian that you can use at college, and beyond. 
  • This is not a lecture class. Lectures - while sometimes necessary - are an ineffective way for you to learn. They are also dull. It is not my role to give you the narrative content - the readings will do that far better. Rather, it is my role to make you discuss, apply, and evaluate the content. So be prepared to be active in class.
  • How to succeed...
... during classtime
Listen. Be on time. Participate. Take careful notes. Come prepared. Ask the questions you have from the reading. Speak up if you have concerns. Do every activity with energy and enthusiasm. 
... at home
Do the reading. Note any questions you have. Work with friends. Use the resources on the Web site. Practice FRQ and DBQ questions. Don't get behind. Communicate with me.
... as a reader / listener
Do the reading. Do the reading when you are not half-asleep and without TV or music. Do the reading in small, managable chunks between other activities. Read with a highlighter, pen and paper to make notes for class and for future reference.
... doing Multiple Choice answers
Practice. Know the material. Make corrections - and learn the right answers - to any past test. Keep past tests safe. And guessing is GOOD!
... doing FRQ answers
Practice. Plan. Practice. Argue a point. Don't panic... we'll talk in detail about FRQ strategies.
... doing DBQ answers
Know the scoring rubric and write with that at the forefront of your mind... we'll talk in detail about DBQ strategies.