The podcasts below are taken from a Web site called Hank's History Hour. Hank was an AP European History student. He made these podcasts himself. They are very clearly based on chapters in their text book. Nonetheless, the podcastsa re excellent overviews of the topics for the AP Course. Also (and the reason I highlight these podcasts in a sea of stuff on AP Euro) Hank is entertaining. As you listen, please remember the following:
Hank can sometimes oversimplify complex trends and sometimes makes broad, sweeping statements.

The Renaissance

Age of Exploration

The Reformations in Religion

Wars of Religion



Absolutism & Eastern Europe

Agricultural Revolution

Scientific Rvolution

The Enlightenment

French Revolution Part 1

French Revolution Part 2


Industrial Revolution

New Imperialism

First World War

Revolutions in Russia

Age of Anxiety

Dictatorship and World War II

Post War Europe