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Senior Class Information

On April 25, a meeting was held for all prospective graduates. This was sent out through student emails several times. At the meeting, information was shared regarding the graduation process and other important dates. The graduation contract was also distributed. Post graduation intention surveys, graduation ticket request survey, and the graduation commitment form must in BY May 18. I am posting the link to the agreement form.
Students who missed the meeting on April 25 will likely be expected to attend another meeting.

Any student that missed the graduation order delivery on April 11 should take care of this as soon as possible. See Ms. Schmitt or Mr. Buchholz to receive your orders. Payment must be made in full before receiving your orders.

All prospective graduates will need to be in attendance of a meeting in the high school auditorium on April 25 at 2:30. We will be distributed graduation contracts and discussing a number of essential items regarding graduation and other end of the year events.

Graduation order distribution will be at the high school commons during the lunch periods on April 11. In order to pick up your order, the order must be paid in full. Please take care of it by then. Students not attending the high school or missing on the 11th will need to have someone pick up their orders for them or contact Mr. Buchholz.

Any prospective graduate that missed ordering with Jostens at lunchtime on November 9, it is important that you turn in your order and deposit to Mr. Buchholz ASAP. You may also contact Chad Kilton's office at Jostens. You may contact him at 1-800-567-8367 or email him at  

 Welcome, Class of 2018.  Your senior year will go by very quickly.  Make the most of your opportunities and use it to prepare for your future.  This page will have important information regarding graduation and related activities. Please check periodically so that you don't miss any important deadlines.

Sept. 6:  First day of classes for seniors.  Welcome back.

Sept. 20:  Early release 

Sept. 25:  Financial aid presentation

Sept. 29-30:  Homecoming weekend

Oct. 17: Parent-teacher conferences

Oct. 26:  Early release

Nov. 2:  Graduation meeting during IE time in the auditorium. This is for ALL prospective 2018 JHS graduates. Jostens will be here discussing graduation orders.  

Nov. 6:  Blood drive

Nov. 9:  Graduation orders are due.  Orders are placed during the lunch periods. You will need to pay for your order in full or make a minimum deposit at the time of order.  DO NOT MISS THIS DEADLINE. If you are unable to attend for some reason, make sure a family member or friend is able to turn this in on your behalf.  Orders will be distributed at the end of March.

Link to Scholarship Opportunities:

Thank you to the Class of 2017.  Your officers have voted to sponsor the honor wall that is being created for the Upper Deck hallway.  This will be a great permanent reminder of the class.  Additionally, a scholarship will likely be offered to future classes in the name of the class of 17 for several years.  What a great way to pay it forward!