SDFA Elections

The time has come again to nominate and elect SDFA Officers and Building Representatives for the 2012-13 school year.   Below are the directions and timeline for the nomination process.  Elections will be conducted later in May or early June.  Detailed information regarding those elections will be distributed to voting members in advance. 

 Only SDFA members may hold Association offices.

Nominations, using the candidacy form link on the website, for 2012-13 SDFA Officers and Building Representatives must be mailed by US mail to the SDFA mailing address:  SDFA, 155 Stevens Avenue, Solana Beach, CA  92075. 

Envelopes must be postmarked no later than May 9 and received by May 11.   Nominations received after that cannot be accepted.

A member may nominate another member or a member may submit a candidacy form for him/herself.  If you wish to nominate another member, obviously, it would be best to have conferred with that member in order to make certain he/she consents.  However, you may email/nominate the member's name and position (see candidacy form for examples) to, and SDFA will contact that member directly to confirm his/her consent to become a candidate and to request a completed candidacy form.

Any member interested  should please make certain to take a look at the entire  list of duties and responsibilities for all positions.  Additionally, any member interested in serving must be prepared to make a serious commitment of time, energy, and responsibility, which could include serving on committees and performing Association duties during non school and evening hours, and on some weekends

SDFA Executive Board Job Descriptions

Candidacy Form

To print:
Click on above link
Click on the printer icon on the top of the descriptions and form page or click CTRL P
Click OK on the print screen

Any further problems, please contact SDFA at