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Scholarships are available for children of current SDFA members who are graduating.

Students: Please fill out the application and return it, along with a completed letter of recommendation to the SDFA building rep on your site by Monday, May 21.  The letter of recommendation should demonstrate such character traits as responsibility, reliability and integrity.

Graduating seniors of SDFA members are eligible to receive an SDFA scholarship for advanced study at any approved institution (2-yr., 4-yr., trade).

Since SDFA allocates a set amount in the yearly budget to our scholarship program, the value of the awards varies according to the number of qualified applicants.

Thanks for applying!

SDFA Scholarship Information, instructions and application

To print:
Click on above link
Click on the printer icon on the top of the application page or click CTRL P
Click OK on the print screen

Any further problems, please contact SDFA at sdfa@sdfa.net.