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Evaluation Progress Reports

Evaluation Progress Reports & Professional Growth Plans


Hello New Members:


Here is one more in the series of bulletins that will be sent to you as new district certificated employees.  These bulletins contain what SDFA considers to be valuable advice and reminders for our new certificated employees.  If you have any questions about any of the bulletins or would like additional information, please contact SDFA at this same email.


By early next month ( no later than December 10), you will receive a formal Progress Report as part of your evaluation process.  This Progress Report is meant to be a formative report compiled by your site administration indicating overall progress based on previous administration observations and other relevant information.  These Progress Reports go to all certificated employees currently on temporary or probationary contracts.


If an employee does not meet standards, needs significant improvement or otherwise has demonstrated unsatisfactory performance, the employee will also receive a Professional Growth Plan (PGP).  This PGP should include specific guidance and direction and will lead to an increased level of assistance for the employee, with the goal being to ensure that the employee may improve to a level at which the district would be comfortable having that employee return for another school year.


SDFA wants to ensure that all new employees will receive the appropriate guidance and support so that they may become, or remain,  ongoing employees in our district.  If you have any questions about your Progress Report, or received a Professional Growth Plan, SDFA encourages you to see your site's SDFA Building Representative or call to SDFA at 760-208-1644.  You may also email questions to this SDFA email address.

Also, please remember, as reviewed in previous bulletins sent to you, if you are having any problems with troublesome students, parents, or grade challenges, please  don't hesitate to contact SDFA for a confidential discussion.


Thank you,

Bob Croft

SDFA President