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Advice and Info

Below are the specific areas of advice and information that SDFA makes available to our members. As SDFA assistance is for members only, we do not make our internal communications open to the general public nor to those who anti-union advocacy has attempted previously to misuse it attempts to harm our members, our professional organization, and/or our collaborative relationship with our District.

For member access to any area of advice or information, simply email SDFA at sdfa@sdfa.net and, upon member verification, the related articles will be sent directly to you. For verification purposes, please email requests to SDFA using your District email.  Thank you!

Parent Meeting Advice
Parent Civility Policy and Incident Reporting
Employee Evaluation Process and Advice
Grade Challenges—What to do when faced with one
A Teacher Guide to Section 504 plans
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Electronic Communication and Social Media
Certificated Leaves—sick leave, attendance and related issues
District Homework and Video policies and procedures
Notification of a Failing Grade to Students per California Education Code
Notification of Student Disciplinary Background per California Education Code
Class Size Dilemma article on how class sizes are determined in our District
STRS benefits
Classroom Suspension of Student by a Teacher 
Workers Compensation
Your Personnel File and anything that goes into it
District Academic Honesty Policy
Master Schedule Development Process
Grievance Process:  What qualifies as a formal grievance and procedures
Reduced Workload Program