Board Of Directors Open Call

The application process for our Board of Directors nominations will open in December of 2020. Several slots will be available in this upcoming election. We're looking for members who are able to donate a few hours a month for meetings, plus additional time as needed for committee work.

Our board is comprised of individuals serving in these roles:

President - Oversee board and liaison to CUE

1st Vice President - Member engagement

2nd VP - Chair, Powered Learning Fair

Secretary - meeting agenda/notes, file management, Fair registration

Treasurer - finances, taxes

Vendors & Sponsors - Solicit donations/vendors to support events

Powered Learning Fair Treasurer - balance books for PL fair, invoices

Grants & Awards - Donors Choose, Innovative Educator, CUE Awards

Social Committee - CUE Friday Social, After PL event, other events

Communications - newsletter content, social media, graphics, marketing

Small Event - promotion/development of small events, member engagement

What does it take to be a Board Member?

A candidate for the Board of Directors of SDCUE shall:

§ be a current member of SDCUE with service to the edtech community.

§ be prepared to contribute time and effort to further the purposes and priorities of SDCUE & CUE.

§ be free of significant conflicts of interest which might not allow the proper execution of the duties of a member of the Board of Directors.

Throughout the time of service the major employment of a majority of elected and appointed Board members should be in a public education institution, or a private education institution whose major endeavor is the provision of education of students.