1: All properties allow assistive animals for persons with disabilities, regardless of the type, breed etc as long as you  provide us with                written verification from your medical practitioner or other credible party that confirms you have a disability and that the animal is                needed for your disability.There are no fees for having an assistive animal, nor extra deposit.

2: The verification should be in English or you should provide a translated version if not..

3: Any certificate eg "NSAR certificate" or "Service Animal Registry of California"  is not sufficient proof as this  can be purchased on the            internet without verification of  disability and the disability-related need for an assistive animal

4: If you do not have this letter when you apply to rent, but expect to get it soon, your application can still be processed with the                    understanding that the animal will not enter the property until you have sent us the letter and we have approved it and you have                 signed a assistive animal agreement with us. (IE you would move in first and the animal could move in later) 

5: The letter does not need to mention the specific type of animal (eg dog/cat) nor does it have to be typed, handwritten is ok
    It does not matter if the animal is trained or not  

6: If the property has a Home Owners Association, we will send the documentation provided to the HOA for their records

7: If you are already a tenant with SDCPM please email to the type and breed and name if any of the animals you  want to  be added, together with the verification described in step 1 and 2 above and we will review and if approved will send tenants a service      animal agreement to sign and if not approved will let you know why