1: I am or was the property owner for part or all of the last three years, so did not have a landlord then:         What do I need to do?
    Nothing. If we need supporting documents we will let you know.
2: I have been living with a relative or friend during some of the last 3 years. Can I still apply?
    YES, but if the average time of all co-applicants  living with relative or friend are over 18 months and
    any one's Fico score is below 725, then you will need to follow the Minimum requirements section
    on the vacancy list under "Landlord verification missing". For any period when you were  in military           housing you do not need to provide a landlord reference. 
3: What happens  if my landlord does not answer all your questions?  
    We will use the same rules as if you had been living with a relative or friend (see #2 above)

4:.Can I just give you a copy of my signed rental agreement as proof of residency or rent receipt?
    NO .You need to add your landlord information on your application 

5: I paid my rent late a lot of times. Does it matter? YES: See LINK

6: I received provided free accommodation (not from a friend or relative), for example by my employer,
    or an agency that helps those who have nowhere to live, can I apply.
    YES .Enter that information as your landlord.

7: My landlord served me notices that I was in violation of my rental agreement (other than rent payment:     Can I still apply? 
    NO, if the Fico score required for the property is 650 but otherwise, you can have had only one                   complaint

8: I did not get all my security deposit back from my previous landlord, can I still apply ?.
    YES: As long as the deductions were less than $400 otherwise, a cosigner with a Fico score over
     725 will be required 

9: I have been living in a hotel for some of the last three years. Can I still apply? 
     YES: Add the hotel information when you apply under landlord 

10: I was homeless for some of the last three years. Can I still apply? 
      YES: Add on your application the dates you were homeless

11: I have an eviction can I still apply? See LINK