1: How much do I need to earn to qualify? 
    Monthly gross income from all co-applicants must exceed the amount stated on the
      VACANCY LIST   minimum requirements section 

2: We don't earn enough to qualify. What can I do?
      A: Get a cosigner(s) whose
           (i)  Fico score is at least the minimum required as stated on the  vacancy list
                 (If a cosigner's score is over 725 it does not matter what the average score is) 
           (ii) Gross income, when divided by two and added to all co-applicants gross income, exceeds the 
                  the amount stated in the VACANCY LIST   minimum requirements section 
           (iii) Resides in California

       B: Provide proof of your LIQUID ASSETS

3: Can a corporation, institution or any non-person act as a co-signer? 
     Yes, but in addition, someone needs to cosign personally. The same requirements apply regardless 
     of the type of cosigner.

4: Can I show bank statements to prove my income? Yes: They should be in your name and
     showing amounts deposited each month for the previous consecutive 6 months or any other written 
     verification of legal income.
      Statements in the name of a business entity will be accepted, provided you gave proof that you have a       majority control of the business. 

5: Can I provide tax returns instead?
    Yes see