1: How much do I need to earn to qualify? 
    Monthly gross income from all co-applicants must exceed the amount stated in the VACANCY LIST   minimum                           requirements section 

2: We don't earn enough to qualify. What can I do?
      A: Get a cosigner(s) whose
           (i)  Fico score is at least the minimum required as stated on the vacancy list
                 (If a cosigner's score is over 725 it does not matter what the average score is) 
           (ii) Gross income, when divided by two and added to all co-applicants gross income, exceeds the 
                  amount stated in the VACANCY LIST   minimum requirements section 
           (iii) Resides in California

       B: Provide proof of your LIQUID ASSETS

3: Can a corporation, institution or any non-person, act as a co-signer? 
     Yes, but in addition, someone needs to cosign personally. The same requirements apply regardless of the type of cosigner.

4: Can I show bank statements to prove my income?
    Yes: They should be in your name and  showing amounts deposited each month for the previous consecutive 6 months or        any other written verification of legal income.
    Statements in the name of a business entity will be accepted, provided you gave proof that you have a majority control of        the business. 

5: Can I provide tax returns instead?
    Yes see rebrandly/self

6: Can I provide proof of other government controlled sources of  income?
    Yes.  SSI/AFDC or other government payments, including child/spousal support*, food stamps, welfare, etc.. The
    The document provided 
must show income that you will get commencing no later than 30 days from the date you                       submitted  your application.
    *Provide a court order showing the amount. A statement or letter whether notarized or not, signed by your spouse                     showing the support provided is not sufficient. Plus, show proof you are receiving the payments

7:I am employed. What proof of income should I provide?
Provide the last 4 weeks or one month of employment, PAY STUBS or typed or handwritten letter from employer that states the name of the business, signature of the signer of the letter and name of the signer of the letter, their address, phone#, name of the employee which specifies the income of the employee, how often paid and employment will continue for the same pay  for the foreseeable future, and  issued in last 45 days. If a range of income is provided by the employer, the average will be used. Employer to have a valid, active business license/fictitious business name or other active verifiable  government license. Income paid in cash will be excluded. The employer will be called by SDCPM to confirm employment will continue in the future.  Offers of employment must include all the information above and also cannot have contingencies and employer must verify that the applicant accepted the offer and has been hired. An offer of employment may also be used in the first 30 days of employment instead of a pay stub.  Employees who are sole proprietors must provide tax returns as below. A W2 cannot be used. 
8:I am on Section 8. What proof of income should I provide?

We will use your current tenant portion of the rent based on 
A: RENT PORTION LETTER issued in the last 45 days by Section 8 if available OR 

B: Any document from a housing authority that states the rent paid by the tenant to the owner OR IF NOT AVAILABLE 

C: We will use 30% of the monthly rent. For example,if the regular rent is $2,000 and your tenant portion is $500 we will use $500 only to calculate the gross rent/income ratio instead of using $2,000 and if we did not have your tenant portion we would use 30% of $2,000 ie $600 

Also, you need to provide us proof you are on the Section 8 program (Eg: voucher letter). The voucher amount cannot be lower than the monthly advertised rent unless your gross income is enough (see and you are not allowed by Section 8 to pay the landlord more than Section 8 state as your "tenant portion". You must provide proof of Section 8 that your voucher has not expired AND if you are a Section 8 tenant already included your "Termination Notice" from Section 8 for your current rental.

 For approved Section 8 tenants, any Move in Discount off the first month rent will be applied not to rent but to the Security Deposit.

 If approved, but Section 8 cannot pay the first months rent portion to us, you may pay this yourself as long as Section 8 inspection passes, and they approve you on the program. Transfers from one Housing Authority to San Diego City or County are permitted.