1: What do I need to send you? 
    The first page of your 1040 tax return for the prior year.

2: What line on my tax return will you use for my income? Line 37" Adjusted Gross Income" less
     Line 7 "Wages/Salaries etc" (which should be reported via paystubs/letter from employer etc)

3: I have not filed my taxes yet for the previous year, so can't send you the tax return for last year?
    What other options are there?   If you applied before May 1st or when you provide proof that you filed        an extension for the return for the prior year, the tax return for the  year before the prior year may be        used.

4: The income on my tax return includes losses from prior years. Can these be excluded?
    YES if a CPA provides a number of these prior losses  that applies to the year on applicants "1040"              form 

5: Can I just send you Schedule C, or any other tax document other than the first page of my 1040
    No. Please see line 1 above