1: Can I choose the lease term?: YES If the property allows this (check our vacancy list under lease term) 

2: If I sign a lease can you guarantee it will be renewed when it expires? NO: We will first ask the property owner

3: Could the rent go up after the lease expires? Yes. We will let the property owner know what the market rents are for 
    similar properties and normally recommend to the owner to set the rent to be below market to encourage tenants to not to start
    looking for another property, however, the owner normally makes the final decision 

4: If I move in during the middle of the month, other than for month to month tenancies, what date will it expire?
    The lease expiration date will be rounded up to the last calendar day of the months'  calendar day of the month ?: So for example, if 
    you have a six-month lease and moved in on Jan 4th, the lease would expire on July 31st.

5: If for a single family home the only option is to rent the property is month to month does this mean the owner is planning on selling the                 property or move in themselves later or end the tenancy ?: No, but the owner may decide at any time in the future to sell
    the property, move back in etc  or raise the rent or change the conditions of the agreement with at least 30 days notice being given