FOR OTHER QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL (619) 220-4840 ext 1 or email

1: I have questions about application fees.See LINK

2: How will you decide if my application is approved ?.You must meet property standards for CREDIT, INCOME, RESIDENCY & #OF OCCUPANTS
3: Will I be in competition with other applicants? YES if others apply: We will approve the first application that meets the property standards

4: What documents do I need to submit when I apply? See LINK

5: What are pet and service animal policies? See LINK

6: When will you tell me if I am approved? Within four business days from the date, you apply.

7: When can I put down a  deposit? Once you have been approved we will send you the rental  agreement to
    sign and pay the security deposit.This will need to be paid  within 24 hours  and once done and the agreement is signed
    we will remove the property from the market and stop taking and processing any more applications 

8: If my application is approved, what is the latest date the rental agreement could start ?.The latter of thirty days from the date
   you applied or thirty dates from the "available" date as shown on the vacancy list.

9: How soon could  I move in if I approved? Once you have met all the PRE-MOVE IN REQUIREMENTS any date from the  "available date" 
    on our vacancy list 

10: If approved how soon would I have to pay the security deposit and rent and sign the rental agreement?  From the time SDCPM
      sends you the agreement you will have 24 hours to sign the agreement and pay the security deposit. 
      The rent must be paid at least once business day before move in. Failure to do so will require monies paid to be retained for
      lost rental damages

10:5 If approved what form of payments can I use? Please see LINK
11: I want to smoke on the property can I still apply? NO: We do not allow smoking anywhere on any property

12: I am in the military but just turned 17, or I am under 18 but married. Can I apply? : YES as long as you provide proof

13: I noticed the property requires me to get renters insurance. What are the requirements for it? see LINK

14: I have a Section 8 voucher, can I apply? YES: If the property allows it (see vacancy list) & your voucher won't expire within 7 business days 

14.5 Do you accept "Veterans Affairs Supporting Housing" VASH vouchers. YES If the property allows Section 8 vouchers, see line
        14 above 

15: I have a criminal record  Can I still apply? : YES: Any crime is allowed unless you have been you must not have been convicted of
     the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance? 

16: What is your fair housing policy? See LINK 

17: Can I negotiate any of the terms, for example, the amount of the rent or deposit? NO: 

18: How long is my application valid before I have to apply again?  Thirty calendar days from the day you applied.

19: I don't have time to see inside the unit. Can I still apply but see the unit later? YES, see link

20: If I am approved, what repairs will be done before I moved? These are stated on our vacancy list under the "repair status " section 

21: Can I apply for a unit that is not yet on your vacancy list? NO, but email and when it is added we will email you 

22: Can you provide me a copy of the rental agreement I would have to sign: YES: See LINK for our standard agreement.It would
     be adjusted for the specific rental you applied.

22: I have questions about the how long the lease will be  and renewal options: See LINK

23: What days/times  do you process rental applications: Weekdays  9 am to 5 pm 

24: I will be 18 years old in less than one month. Do I need to apply? No.If your parents/guardians are approved and you
      are 18 years already on the date the rental agreement is sent to them, you will be included in the agreement and required
      to sign as a tenant 

25: If I am not approved because someone else met the approval conditions before me, can I apply for another unit?
      Yes: Please, within 30 days from when you applied, schedule a showing first for the other unit at if you did not do
      so already and then email the address you which your application to be transferred to and we will then let you know
      if you are approved or not for that unit.
      Please note that the other unit you which to transfer your application to may have different criteria and to be approved you 
      will need to meet those criteria .
      We will not run your credit report again and you do not   need to apply online again 

26: Do you accept any 3rd party agency that will pay advance rent such as "Rapid Rehousing Program" and others?
      Yes, but you still must qualify in the same way as any other applicant Weekdays  9 am to 5 pm