San Diego County Property Management (SDCPM) manages residential rental properties for numerous different owners throughout San Diego County.

Owners are given their choice of two different categories of rental criteria, GOLD or  SILVER.The specific qualifying criteria for each category are listed below.

To determine which category of criteria applies to the property you are interested in, refer to the column on our VACANCY LIST marked "TYPE." The category of rental criteria for the property will indicate “G” (for GOLD), “S” (for SILVER) 
  1.  Each adult who will be living in the property must submit their own application and pay a $35 non-refundable application fee by going to If you need help we can provide you a computer and help you  in which case the application fee is $45 per adult. You can pay the application fee by Visa/MasterCard or if you meet us in person to do the application you can also give us a money order or cashiers check instead, in which case call (619) 220-4840 ext 602 to schedule a time to visit the office .The online application uses SSL encryption for your protection.If you are a current tenant and are providing an updated application only for the same rental address, no application fee is due.                                                                                   
  2. Once we receive a completed application and you have paid us a $500 holding deposit and at least one adult who are applying has signed a holding deposit agreement,  we will stop accepting more applications for the same vacancy. The holding deposit will only be returned if we decline your application.

  3. Your application may be approved or denied immediately depending on your credit score, but in all cases, we will give you a decision within three business days (excluding weekends/holidays) from the time we receive a holding deposit and signed holding deposit agreement, regardless of whether you saw the property or not. For co-applicant applications, if all applications have been not been received within 24 hours of the first co-applicant applying then the application will be declined.                                                                                                                                                
  4. To be approved you MUST:

    i.  Be able to move in within the latter of 30 days from the date you apply OR 30 days from the available date (as indicated on the vacancy list). Move in before the available date is not allowed.

    ii.  Meet the conditions for credit/evictions, income and number of occupants listed below as per (A) (D) and (E) below.

    iii.  Be able to provide written proof of legal, verifiable income as per (B) below.

    iv.  Meet the minimum standards for references  from current and prior landlords as per (C) below


  5. If APPROVED, all adult occupants must sign the rental agreement & pay the security deposit in full, no later than twenty-four hours (excluding weekends/holidays) after we have provided it to you. Move in cannot be done the same day the rental agreement is signed. Monthly rent will be due on the 1st of each month, and $50 late fee charged if we do not receive payment by the 3rd. If a 3rd party agency will pay the first month rent we must get their written approval to do this no later than one business days before the scheduled move in, or tenant must bring it to our office weekdays from 9 am to 12noon

  6. If you are on Section 8 then:                                                                                                                                                   A: Any first month rent discount will apply to the security deposit and not the rent  AND                                                         B: Lease term will be at least 6 months, even if our vacancy list lease term shows less than 6 months                               
    7. Rent and terms of the rental are not negotiable. No smoking allowed anywhere. If you decide to apply for another
          SDCPM vacancy and more than  thirty days passed since you applied originally you will have to provide a new application
          in full. Any documentation you provide us and any credit report we run from you may be shared with the property owner. 
          If we make any changes  to our VACANCY LIST to the advertised rent and terms of the rental, these will apply 
          only to those applicants who apply after we made the changes.

    8.   Send us current governmental photo ID that matches the applicant for each adult applicant.  If you are not able  to get this  ID due
            to a disability, please provide a letter from your doctor that confirms why you are not able to get an ID. This is required before we can run
            your credit.
    9.   You do not need to see the property you want to rent, in order to apply, but if you do not see the property first
           all the other policies in this document apply still and you will not be able to see the property before you move in.

   10:  The terms /conditions of a specific vacancy for rent may change without notice at any time, however, if you request,
          we will use the terms that were in place at the time you applied 

    11: If you are under 18 you may be treated as an adult applicant if you provide proof you are in the military,married or
          have a court order of emancipation 
   12:If renter's insurance is required for the property the  apply to , then conditions at Rentersinsurance.sdcpm will apply


Your monthly combined gross income must be at least as below. We use 50% of the verified cosigner income.You can have more than one cosigner if needed. If a cosigner is required to meet these criteria, the cosigners FICO score must be at least 525 . A personal guarantee is also required if the cosigner is a corporation/institution etc


GOLD 2.75 x the monthly rent

SILVER 2.25 x the monthly rent

  1. EMPLOYEE'S: Provide the last 4 weeks or one month of employment, PAY STUBS or typed or handwritten letter from employer that states the name of the business,signature of the signer of the letter and name of the signer of the letter, their address, phone# , name of the employee which specifies the income of the employee, how often paid and employment will continue for the same pay  for the foreseeable future, and  issued in last 45 days. If a range of income is provided by the employer, the average will be used. Employer to have a valid active business license/fictitious business name or other active verifiable  government license.Income paid in cash will be excluded.The employer will be called by SDCPM to confirm employment will continue in the future.  Offers of employment must include all the information above and also cannot have contingencies and employer must verify that the applicant accepted the offer and has been hired.An offer of employment may also be used in the first 30 days of employment instead of a pay stub.  Employees who are sole proprietors must provide tax returns as below. A W2 cannot be used.                                                                                                                
  2. SELF EMPLOYED: TAX RETURN (Prior year). (We use Line 37" Adjusted Gross Income" on your "1040"  tax form for your annual income. For applications submitted before May 1st or when you provide proof that you filed an extension for the return for the prior year, the tax return for the year before the prior year may be used. If the income includes losses from prior years these will be excluded if a CPA provides the amount of these prior losses that applies to the year on applicants "1040" form                                                                                                                                                                           
  3. SECTION 8: We will use your current tenant portion of the rent based on                                                                    A:  RENT PORTION LETTER  issued in the last 45 days by Section 8 if available  or                                                                B :Any document from a housing authority that states the rent paid by tenant to the owner or if not available                        C: We will use 30% of the monthly rent.  For example, if the regular rent is $2,000 and your tenant portion is $500 we will use $500 only to calculate the gross rent/income ratio instead of using $2,000 and if we did not have your tenant portion we would use 30% of $2,000 ie $600  You need to provide us proof you are on the Section 8 program (Eg: voucher letter).The voucher amount cannot be lower than the monthly advertised rent unless your gross income is enough (see )and you are not allowed by Section 8 to pay the landlord more than Section 8 state as your "tenant portion". You must provide proof of Section 8 that your voucher has not expired AND if you are  a Section 8 tenant already included your "Termination Notice" from Section 8 for your current rental.  For approved Section 8 tenants, any move in discount off the first month rent will be applied not to rent but to Security Deposit.  If approved but Section 8 cannot pay the first months rent portion to us, you may pay this yourself as long as Section 8 inspection passes, and they approve you on the program. Transfers from one Housing Authority to San Diego City or County are permitted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  4. OTHER Programs: SSI/AFDC or other government payments, including child support and alimony, food stamps ,welfare etc.: If the payment authorization is not issued in the last 45 days then provide proof that you received the payment for the previous month (eg bank statement)                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  5. OTHER INCOME: Bank statements in the name of the applicant, showing amounts deposited each month for the previous consecutive 6 months, or any other written verification of legal income . Statements in the name of a business entity will be accepted too, provided we provided proof that you have a majority control of the business.                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  6. LIQUID ASSETS: If you do not qualify using the other types of income above, you can instead provide proof of liquid assets of the value of at least nine months rent ,of cash or property immediately convertible to cash such as securities, notes, life insurance policies with cash surrender value, savings bonds or an accounts receivable. This proof is needed , even if you agree to pay any rent in advance. If you use this method to qualify you will be required to pay a security deposit equal to twice the monthly rent and pay the first sixth months rent in advance, and you may request to have the rental agreement state that the first month rent is to be paid at the time of move in (by certified funds) 


1: Enter your residence history including the name and phone # of your landlord,  for the last 3 years. No landlord reference required if you are applying to rent a parking space only. If you are/were living in a hotel, you may include the landlord information too. If you are/were homeless write "homeless" and "NA" in the applicable fields. If you were provided free
accommodation (excluding from your friend or relative), for example by your employer, or  an agency that helps those who have nowhere to live, enter that information too as your landlord. If your landlord is a resident manager of a property of 
fewer than 16 units we will need to verify residence history with the property owner or property management company

2: You will be exempt from part /all of your landlord history requirement for periods where you can provide documentation that you were  the property owner. Proof may include a copy of the property deed, mortgage statement showing the mailing address as that on the application, pages from Federal tax return showing that mortgage payments were deducted as because the applicant was an owner occupier, letter from an attorney, letter from real estate agent stating applicant was the property owner etc. If you cannot provide proof the application will be declined.

3:  IF
       (i) Any individual's FICO score is below 700 AND 
       (ii) If for more than 50% of your  combined rental history EITHER
              A: Your landlord does not provide us the information we requested OR
              B: You are/were living with a relative or friend or are the sub-tenant of the landlord OR 
              C: You are unable to provide us your landlord contact's information  OR 

      THEN you will need to do either
            Pay an additional security deposit equal to one month's rent AND: Provide a cosigner whose FICO score is over 700
            (Cosigner not required if the gross income of all applicants and co-signers is over 10 times the monthly requested rent) 
             Pay an additional security deposit equal to one month's rent OR provide a cosigner whose FICO score is over 700
            (This is not required if the applicant's gross income is over 10 times the monthly requested rent)
          If none of the applicants or cosigners FICO score is over 700 then: 
                 of the applicant  OR 
            (ii) Provide us SDGE ADDRESS VERIFICATION  showing your current mailing address as stated on 
                  the application. 

4: Providing us a copy of the rental agreement is not sufficient for us to verify your landlord references. Any additional security deposit must be paid at the time the rental agreement is signed, however, if, within ten business days of signing the rental agreement we receive the required landlord references, we will credit your account 30 calendar days after you moved in  for the amount of extra security deposit paid.

5:If addresses reported on your ID and/or proof of income or on your credit report do not match those on the application and you claim to have been living with a friend or relative, and we cannot verify that you were not living at these non-matching addresses , your application will be declined.

6: If your landlord claims to be the property owner, but we cannot verify this from title records we will treat the landlord as being your friend or relative. If the property owner lives outside the USA we will accept verification from a US attorney or US title company who confirms the landlord is the owner of the property 

7: If your landlord is prohibited by law to answer some of our questions  (Eg Family and Education Right and Privacy Act), no extra security deposit will be required.

8: You will need to pay an additional security deposit equal to 75% of the monthly rent if during the last three years :
      A: For "Gold" properties you paid your rent late three or more times
      B: For  "Silver" you paid your rent late four or more times

9: If for Gold or Silver you were late over  15% of the time you total security deposit will be increased to the maximum amount allowed by law* plus get a cosigner whose Fico score is over 700. Any increased security deposit paid under this section  will be refunded after 1 year of making rent payments on time for each month unless any other section of this policy required an extra  security deposit. The same co-signer can be used if needed, to improve the average FICO score as well as to help qualify under this section.

10: Applicant may have no more than the following number of  lease violations or complaints from neighbors, per year. 


11: Applicant may not have caused more than the following amount of damages including cleaning (above ordinary wear and tear) to current or prior rental property. For Silver properties and the damage was less than $1,500 and more than
the  limit below, an exception will be made if the tenant agrees to pay a security deposit of twice the rent plus waive any move in bonus. 

GOLD $150


       To qualify the average FICO score of all occupants and any cosigners must be at least as below

GOLD 650

1: If you have no credit score or have no social security number then
       A: You will  be assigned a score of 575 AND 
       B: For Silver properties, you pay an additional security deposit of 70% of the monthly rent  OR
           Provide a cosigner with FICO over 700 
       C:  For Gold properties your cosigner is over 725 AND  you pay an additional security deposit  of one month's rent 
             which will be credited back to you after 12 consecutive monthly on-time rent payments
2: If the average score of your co-applicants and co-signers is less than the applicable level above, you can still qualify if 
      A: If there is an option to have a lease of at least one year, then agree to pay 1 years rent and an additional
          security deposit of one month's rent before move in. OR
     B:  If there is an option to have a lease of 6 -12 months and the average FICO score is over 600  then agree to pay 6 months rent
          in advance and an additional security deposit of one month's rent before moves in  OR
     C: Gross income of all applicants and co-signers is over 10 times the monthly requested rent OR
     D: For Silver properties, you pay an additional security deposit of 70% of the monthly rent  OR
          Provide a cosigner with FICO over 700 (not needed if a cosigner for 1B above) OR
     E:  For Gold properties, your cosigner is over 725 (not needed if a cosigner for 1C)  AND  you pay an additional security deposit 
           of one month's rent 
You can have more than one cosigner if needed. The same cosigner can be used, if needed to improve the average FICO score as well as to help qualify under the "Landlord References " section above.

For existing tenants who are getting a new roommate, we will use the original credit score you gave us when you applied
and if we do not have this, we will assume a score of 575 but if this causes your application to be declined you may 
pay $15 per adult and we will use your current Fico score.

If you don't know your credit score you can try to get it online eg at . If you apply with us we will still run our own credit/eviction report 

Cosigners need to apply at , and will be required to pay the  $35 nonrefundable application fee.They should
select "Co-signer" for the "application type" when prompted. There is no limit on the number of co-signers you may have.



If our occupancy standards below are met already, but the property is in the  City of San Diego, if six or more adults want to rent together, a residential high occupancy permit must be approved before move in. The application fee costs $1,000 see PERMIT APPLICATION FORM )(Other jurisdictions in San Diego County may have their own permit requires which also must be abided by) 

GOLD 2 persons per bedroom**, plus one additional person for the unit. 
eg if there are 4 bedrooms, the maximum # of occupants is 4 times 2+ 1=9 people

SILVER 2 persons per bedroom**, plus two additional person for the unit. 

**   For studios (which have no separate bedroom) the maximum is 2 people

*Any extra security deposit required will not exceed the maximum allowed by law, (twice the monthly rent as of May 2013)
and is based on the monthly rent as stated on the vacancy list.It will be adjusted to be the maximum allowed by law.If  the security deposit would have exceeded this maximum, any discount off the first month rent will be reduced by the amount of this excess and if it would have exceeded by more than the discounted value of the 1st-month rent, as a cosigner with FICO score over 750 will be required.


You must not have been  convicted of  the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance.


Some repairs/improvements may be done to the unit you wish to rent before you move in, but only those items we state on the vacancy list detailed page under "UPGRADE/REPAIR STATUS" plus any safety items needed are guaranteed to be done.If you wish to make your own improvements after you move in, let us know what you would like to be done. All improvements would be done at your expense, with no rent credit , and are subject to provide approval by landlord


When you complete the application you authorize SDCPM to share any information you provide to any landlord or employer you provided on the application.SDCPM is also authorized to share this information with the owner of the property you are applying to in addition to any supporting documentation you later provided and the credit/eviction report we will run